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Green Kid Crafts’ subscriptions delight kids each month with creative, nature-based STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) delivered monthly to their door. Ages 3-10
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Green Kid Crafts is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders using creative, nature-based STEAM activities. Each month kids get 4 to 6 science and art activities designed by teachers and STEAM experts to foster creativity and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Every month a new theme is delivered right to your door including all the materials needed to complete projects kids and parents love! Suggested age range 3-10+


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The Whole Child – Developed by teachers, crafty moms and STEAM experts (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) to support key developmental skills for kids ages 3-10+, our products, including educational toys, STEAM kits, eco-friendly toys, and STEM kits, celebrate creativity with craft projects and activate thinking, questioning, inquiring, and original creation as we guide children through fun science experiments.

In an effort to encourage growth of the “whole child”, all of our kits are reviewed by our panel of experts to meet our Happy & Healthy Child criteria. This ensures that each time they engage with our educational products children will do the following.

Be Creative –  Active Lifestyle  –  Use My Thinking Brain  –  Be Open-Minded  –  Be Good-Hearted

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Cancel: If you change your mind about a Green Kid Crafts membership, you can cancel your membership by emailing us at Please note that you will need to receive your first box before canceling your subscription. Canceling before receiving your first box may confuse our system and prevent your first box from shipping. Plus, we want you to have a chance to see your first box and enjoy the items before deciding whether or not to stay with us! Please cancel before your next billing cycle to avoid getting charged for the next month’s box. Although you may cancel your subscription at any time, you will still receive any boxes that you have already paid for.  Your subscription will not be renewed when it expires after the initial term, but we are not able to process refunds for any outstanding boxes.  Your order is not considered “cancelled” unless you receive a reply from us confirming your cancellation.

Returns: None of our products are not returnable. However, if any materials included in your box are damaged or defective, email us at and we will be happy to replace those items for you in a flash! If for some reason your Discovery Box is returned to us, we will charge your account a $10.00 restocking fee. If you place an order and request a refund before your order ships, you will be charged $10.00 for fees and processing. We do not allow for returns, full or partial, on gift subscriptions, any prepaid subscriptions, or digital subscriptions. Although you may cancel your subscription after your term is up, we cannot process refunds for any of these products.

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