Green Kid Crafts Review August 2018

Green Kid Crafts is STEAM discovery box for kids delivered to your door monthly. With three box options, you can choose the perfect box for your child for $19.95 per month.

  • Junior Discovery Box 2-4y
  • Discovery Box 5-10+
  • Literary Discovery Box 2-10+

You can also upgrade your box to the Sibling Discovery Box and receive two sets of each project for $39.95 per month.

Each box includes up to 6 science and art kits packaged inside of bags made with 100% recycled materials. This month’s theme is Mad Science.

Keep your child’s creativity flowing beyond the activities in the box with the Green Kid magazine. The month’s magazine is filled with DIY activities, science experiments, games, engineering challenges, and more.

Rocket Science

Your child will design and create fun rockets using only recycled paper, straws, tape, ribbons, and stickers to decorate! The assembly of the rocket is very simple making it easy for my 4 year old to complete himself. Once your child has created their own personal paper rocket it’s time to BLAST OFF! This activity covers topics like air pressure and observation and goes beyond the activity itself. Logging the distances based on air pressure helps your little one explore how small changes can factor into the outcome of their launches.

Magic Finger

In the Magic Finger experiment your child will be using pepper, water, and soap to see and understand surface tension and its destruction. This activity is very simple and done in four easy steps. Your child may have a ton of questions about this one but luckily Green Kid Crafts includes a “how it works” at the bottom to help explain the experiment to your child in a way that they may understand.

Ghost Glove

Do you believe in ghosts? This activity is sure to attract your child’s attention! Baking soda and vinegar creates a gas called carbon dioxide. By following the steps, you will see how carbon dioxide can inflate the glove creating a Ghost Glove. This quick project can help explain chemical reactions and how they work.

Lava Lamp

In this activity, Green Kid Crafts explains exactly how the Lava Lamp works and your child will get to create one of their very own! This is one of my favorite projects from this box and so easy to make. The project is safe for kids and none of the materials used are toxic or can cause harm to your child which is very important when attempting science projects with smaller children. Once combined, oil and water do not mix together causing separation in the bottle. After putting both inside the bottle, adding a color tablet and Alka-Seltzer will create the “lava”. On your pamphlet you can read more about how the “lava” floats to the top and pops then sinks back to the bottom to keep it flowing.

Slime Monsters

This is probably the biggest project inside of this months Junior Discovery box and it’s a good one! Doubling up on science and sensory, your little one will get to make their own slime using the provided materials. For this activity, a parent may want to jump in to help but it is still overall fairly easy for the age range it’s intended for. Once your child’s slime is complete they can decorate their storage container with pompoms and google eyes to create a monster.

Bouncy Egg

The final activity uses only supplies from home to create a Bouncy Egg. Turn a regular egg into a bouncy ball by using only white vinegar. It is really cool to think a hard boiled egg can become a ball in just three days! Once your child has made their bouncy egg, it’s time to explore further. Be sure to ask your child what they feel when touching the egg and observing what happens when the egg is dropped at different heights. We haven’t had the chance to make our bouncy ball but my boys are very excited!

What Is Science? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

Don’t forget to check out the book included with your Green Kid Crafts box! The theme is always related to the box and has so much fun information for kids. This month’s book, What Is Science?, explores the world of science. Showing your child that science is more than just experiments and covers so many amazing topics such as the study of stars, volcanos, hurricanes, the power of trains and planes. In science we question the how, the where, when, and why. So, what is science you ask? Science is SO MANY THINGS!

Green Kid Crafts Review August 2018 – Final Thoughts

Green Kid Crafts is perfectly curated with kids in mind! Science projects can get messy but they have somehow figured out a way to include fun, enjoyable projects that are not at all hard to contain and still cover so many great topics within each set. Each project has very quick and easy steps to follow and I feel comfortable letting my child do most of these activities on his own without me having to “takeover”. It is important for me to let my child learn by doing and participating in activities rather than me doing them and explaining it. With Green Kid Crafts I know my child is learning and having fun! The projects include tons of helpful information. Not only do they give step by step instructions but also go beyond that and explain the what, why, and how.

Sabrina –

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts subscriptions delight kids each month with creative, nature-based STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) delivered monthly to their door. Ages 3-10

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