Green Kid Crafts Review November 2018

Green Kid Crafts is a STEAM discovery box for kids delivered to your door monthly. With three box options, you can choose the perfect box for your child for $19.95 per month.

  • Junior Discovery Box 2-4y
  • Discovery Box 5-10+
  • Literary Discovery Box 2-10+

You can also upgrade your box to the Sibling Discovery Box and receive two sets of each project for $39.95 per month. Green Kid Crafts also offers 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions.

Each Green Kid Crafts box includes up to 6 science and art kits packaged inside of bags made with 100% recycled materials. This month’s theme is Rainforest Science. Create, play, and learn with the Green Kid magazine. Inside of the magazine you will find information about rainforest science and even more activities for your child to do!

My Rainstick

Enjoy the sound of rain with this first activity! Your child will make a cute percussion shaker using a tube, caps, foil, and rice, then decorate with the napkin and feathers provided in the box. This activity is very simple and doesn’t require much help from an adult which is always a plus when doing project with smaller children. Your child can also explore further by putting beans or other items they may find around the house and listen to see how the sound changes.

Jungle Drum

Your child will learn about sound and pitch with the next two activities. Make some noise by wrapping a balloon around a cup to create a jungle drum, then tap the top with the stick provided. When the balloon is tightened you will hear the pitch change! My boys were amazed by this activity and how easy it is to make a fun little drum.


This next activity really helps show the way sound works and it’s pretty cool! Using the cup and rubber bands provided your child will create a string-a-ling by wrapping the rubber bands around the cup. Strumming the rubber bands will cause some vibration which causes movement in the air particles which makes sound! Change up the pitch by wrapping the rubber band a second time and discover the new sound you can create with the same two objects.

Rainforest Rubber Ball

Fun fact: Rubber comes from a milky white substance that many rainforest plants and trees produce when cut. Can you guess what the next activity is? You guessed it! Your child will get to make their very own rainforest rubber ball using glue, cornstarch, and borax.

Rainforest Cookies

For this activity, you will need to grab the ingredients from home but Green Kid Crafts has provided detailed instructions to make rainforest cookies. The fun part is that many of the ingredients are found in a rainforest, like cinnamon, banana, vanilla, coconut, chocolate, and nut. I love how they tap into more than just fun activities for your child. They tie together all of the activities and make them as educational as possible!

Terrarium & The Water Cycle

This next project is one of my favorites from this month’s box. Using a peat pellet, reindeer moss, pebbles, and bark, your child will get to build their own rainforest at home! Building their terrarium is easy too. Water your peat pellet and break it up to create the bottom layer of the rainforest inside of the container provided. Then add in the other materials and animals and water the tiny rainforest weekly! That sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Color Changing Chameleon

Last project is a colorful one! My boys love all types of reptiles so they were very excited to make their very own color changing chameleon. I really like how they gave you the option to paint or color the white plate, I would have never considered coloring if the instructions showed paint. I chose to use colors with my children to keep from making a mess and it worked out wonderfully! You will cut out two chameleon’s from one plate creating a stencil type outline then stack it on top of the colored plate and fasten with the brad fastener. When your child turns the top plate the chameleon will change colors!

“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth by Eric Carle

Taking us to the Amazon rain forest,”Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth is about a sloth who simply likes to do things slowly compared to other animals you may find in the rain forest. It talks about the very few things he does such as: hang from trees, eats, and sleeps, and all the things he doesn’t do! Animals around him don’t quite understand him but at the end of the book he explains that he is slow, quiet, and boring but that’s just who he is. It also has a lot of repetition throughout the book which my children love because they’re able to catch on quickly and read along. The illustration is unique and very colorful making it a fun, quick night time story.

Green Kid Crafts Review November 2018 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Green Kid Crafts box was really packed with loads of fun! I especially love the projects require us to keep track of throughout the month, such as the tiny rainforest. It gives my kids days of fun throughout the month and really keeps them involved with learning. One thing I’ve noticed and loved about Green Kid Crafts is that the activities are almost always MESS FREE. My kids can hang out anywhere around the house and work on these projects without worrying about making a mess. Each activity has only a few pieces making it very easy to follow along for my 3.5 and 5 year old. My children have gathered tons of great information from each activity and start to apply that knowledge to the world around them. The sound and pitch was a big hit this month because sound is everywhere! Green Kid Crafts is absolutely my go-to box for fun, educational learning activities and we also have a fun collection of books from our monthly Green Kid Crafts boxes which have all been amazing.

Sabrina –

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts subscriptions delight kids each month with creative, nature-based STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) delivered monthly to their door. Ages 3-10

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