greenUP Box Review October 2020

greenUP Box is a box on a mission of plastic rehab, they send artfully crafted sustainable goods to empower and inspire you to say #byeplastic. They kindly sent us this box for review.

The mission at greenUP Box is to make it as easy as possible for you to reduce the plastic in your life with beautiful, sustainable products and innovative solutions. They empower individuals to reduce their use of plastic so there’s less plastic waste ending up on our beaches and in our oceans. We also give 3% to partner organizations that clean up the plastic that’s already in our oceans.

greenUP Box is intentionally designed around 6 boxes and 6 majors areas of your life. You’ll discover the best products to replace disposable plastic and start living plastic-free now. In just one year you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished, and at a fraction of the price.

Each box is valued at $70+ and contains 4-6 artfully crafted, sustainable, and eco-friendly items that are curated around a theme such as grocery shopping, the kitchen, cleaning the home, and more. Because boxes are designed around a theme, it’s easier to build lasting plastic-free habits in that area of your life. Then your next box arrives and you get to redesign another area of your life without plastic.

Subscription Details

This is a bi-monthly subscription, meaning boxes ship every other month. Subscriptions ship in August, October, December, February, April, and June.

The cost of the box is $39.95 per box for a bi-monthly subscription. Shipping is 1-3 day priority. Shipping is flat rate $3 for the continental U.S. and $6 for Alaska, Hawaii, and other U.S. territories. They currently only ship to the U.S.

October Box Details

“The October box theme is: The Work Day. Just what you need to make a return to the office or lunch date a plastic free work of art.”

What a great theme as some offices are finding a new normal and returning to some sort of in office work. Even if you’re still working from home, it’s never too early to start planning ahead and stocking up for when you’ll need them.

Here’s a look at what’s in this month’s greenUP Box:

Stainless Steel Lunchbox 2-tier XLarge

“Stainless steel is lightweight and will last a lifetime. This lunchbox by Hav & Jord has two-tiers to make it super versatile! And unlike most other stainless lunchboxes, it’s leakproof using a silicon ring in the lid. Pack your lunch or bring it with you for takeout at your favorite grab-and-go lunch spots. Always nice to support local right now! Dishwasher safe but don’t microwave.”

I have always eyed these sleek looking lunch boxes and had them on my wish list so this is great! It’s a two tier stainless steel box with lid that latches very sturdily on each side. It’s an easy and compact (not to mention eco-friendly) way to pack a whole lunch that’s easy to tuck in a bag or purse.

Bamboo Utensils & Case

“Light, durable, and all wrapped in a cute canvas case, you’ll never leave home without them. Made of sustainable, organic bamboo with an organic cotton travel case. These are a greenUP team favorite! Bonus, these come with a bamboo straw and straw cleaner. Bamboo lasts longest with a hand wash and air dry. Skip the dishwasher for their best life.”

This is the perfect partner to the lunch box above! It includes everything you’d need to eat any kind of meal – utensils and straws. This of course can be used beyond just in-office eating too. It would be great for dining out or take-out. I really like how each item has a place in the pouch and that it all rolls up for easy transporting. So convenient!

Silicone Ziplock Snack Bag

“The average American uses 500 ziplock baggies each year. Not you, not this year! This silicone bag has a new style of ziplock top for ease and wider bottom to fit more snacks. Freezer safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Use again and again and again. This bag also works great for storing and separating clean or used masks in your bag or in your car. So many creative uses!”

I love using silicone ziplocks and have a small collection of them for packing snacks and treats. This one is a great size that I don’t have a lot of so this is great. It’s perfect for a sandwich, or really anything else. The zipper is really strong and should be leak proof if you have anything with slight liquid like grapes or something.

Bamboo & Glass Bottle for Hand Sanitizer

“We’re going to be using a lot of hand sanitizer and those small plastic containers last for a little while but break and need replaced. Introducing your new hand sanitizer on-the-go bottle! Glass bottle, steel roll on, with bamboo covering to protect it. Small amount of plastic lid keeps it leakproof. Buy liquid hand sanitizer or DIY with alcohol in bulk to refill. Pull the roller ball top out of the glass bottle to refill: Harder to refill with gels, liquids are easiest.”

This is such a great idea! Hand sanitizer how now become even more of a staple than it was before so this handy little roller ball couldn’t be more useful. I like that the idea is that you can get a bulk hand sanitizer and just refill this one once it’s empty. The pre-packaged on-the-go hand sanitizers are usually bottled in plastic so this can definitely help reduce the plastic used. This could also be used for an essential oil blend of course, may a stress reliever one for the workday. As a bonus, it looks really pretty and earthy-chic!

Stainless & Silicone Tea Strainer

“This adorable tea strainer will prevent plastic from entering our landfills and your stomach. What?! Tea bags and packets are often made of plastic fibers. And a new study found that tea bags can release BILLIONS of micro plastic particles into your cup. Pull in half at the silicone ring indent, fill bottom with tea, and push lid back on. Find plastic-free loose leaf tea online or at your local bulk store. Dishwasher safe.”

I love tea and have been especially interested in loose leaf tea recently so this is perfect for my needs. I’ve been very mindful recently to note what any tea bags are made of and since many are plastic it’s what inspired my intrigue for loose leafs. I will be using this easy-to-use tea ball every day for my daily warm up and nightly wind down.

greenUP Box Review October 2020 – Final Thoughts

So I am in a season of freelancing and mom-ing from home so I don’t have any near-future plans to go into an office, but these goods are still really useful for me. With a toddler, I’m always packing different snacks and meals for when we go for walks, to the park, on a drive or on a quick errand so it’s all very helpful. I could see this month’s greenUP Box collection being extra helpful for a return to the office though. They’ve thought of every thing you’d need to make at least your lunch break a smooth transition back. This box is so great for theming around life’s needs and helping to accomplish your plastic-free goals with ease!

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