Hushbug Book Box Review September 2022

Hushbug Book Box is a monthly subscription box featuring a newly released rom com book, a treat or snack, and 3-5 curated items that they think you’ll love. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have always loved reading but right now I am going through an “obsessive” phase where all I literally want to do is curl up in my favourite chair and read books. It’s kind of a problem because I have a toddler and a full-time business, but……there really isn’t anything like a cold Fall morning with a cup a tea and a good book. It’s the best feeling ever! And….just one of the reasons I am obsessed with Hushbug Book Box!

Subscription Details

What You Get: Each Hushbug Book Box includes 1 newly released rom com book, a treat or snack, and 3-5 items curated around the book that could include self care items, home goods, stationary, etc.

They have 3 subscription options to choose from….

  • single box
  • 3-month subscription
  • 6-month subscription

Here’s a closer look at what we received in the September Hushbug Book Box….

Lucy on the Wild Side

“A charming and wildly funny new romantic comedy by Kerry Rea, author of The Wedding Ringer.

Lucy Rourke has two great loves in her life: the gorilla troop she cares for as a primatologist and the laundry list of reality TV shows she watches to escape the fact that her actual love life doesn’t exist. And like a reality contestant gunning for the final rose, Lucy’s laser-focused on one thing: getting promoted to head keeper. So when a wildlife docuseries hosted by hotshot TV personality Kai Bridges chooses her zoo as its summer filming location, she sees an opportunity to showcase her beloved gorillas to the world and land a starring role in her department.

When Kai and his film crew arrive, however, it’s obvious to Lucy that Kai cares more about sky-high ratings than the gorillas, and he considers her a camera-averse know-it-all whose wardrobe consists entirely of khaki. But she’s surprised to discover there’s more to him than his rugged good looks and cheesy catchphrases…and that maybe a promotion isn’t the only thing she wants. But when secrets from their pasts threaten to complicate everything, Lucy discovers that happiness and success aren’t the same thing—and that finding joy just might mean getting a little wild.”

Letter from the Author: This is something we get in every box….such a thoughtful detail.

Note: Seeing as the book has a zoo theme you will find that most of our products do as well. I love that the items tie together, it makes for a very fun unboxing experience.

Monstera Acrylic Keychain: I actually have a plant just like this so I, of course, love the keychain.

Safari Tweezers: How adorable are these tweezers! And they fit with the theme perfectly. And….it’s always good to have extra tweezers on hand so these are something I will definitely get use out of.

Jungle Magnetic Bookmark: I love magnetic bookmarks. It’s a nice change from the regular bookmarks I typically use. Way more fun!

Cosmic Brownie: How fun is this gigantic stuffed cookie?! It looks so good and would be amazing warmed up and paired with my afternoon tea. Or….I might save it and share it with my little guy.

Bamboo Spoon & Coconut Bowl: Don’t you just love coconut bowls?! It’s way better eating ice cream or smoothie bowls out of these so I am very happy to see it in the box. It kind of makes me want to go make a smoothie bowl right now.

Bon Bom Animal Gummies: Zoo theme…..animal gummies……they go together perfectly! And I am always happy to receive candy treats because it’s something I rarely go out and purchase for myself.

Hushbug Book Box Review September 2022 – Final Thoughts

The September Hushbug Book Box is super cute and super fun. The book gets great reviews on Goodreads with reviewers saying they love it, they were pleasantly surprised, and one even said “I love it so much I don’t even know where to start.” Along with that we received some really cute goodies that tie in to the zoo theme, which I very much appreciate. This is just a lovely subscription for anyone who considers themselves a bookworm, or anyone who just wants to treat themselves. I am a huge fan!

-AYOB Sarah

Hushbug Book Box

Hushbug Book Box is a monthly subscription box featuring a newly released rom com, chick lit, or contemporary romance novel that you get to choose, a treat or snack, and 4-6 curated items that we think you'll love.

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