iBbeautiful Review November 2019

iBbeautiful is the best monthly subscription box for girls ages 6-15. A monthly subscription box filled with goodies that helps young girls ages 6-15 realize they are “BEAUTIFUL’ just as they are!

Subscription Details

When you sign up for an iBbeautiful subscription you have two options to choose from….

  • Tween Box (ages 7-12)
  • Teen Box (ages 13+)

Each month iBbeautiful subscribers receive 4 to 6 fun items built around a confidence building theme!!  Items can include jewelry, yummy lotions + bath products, hair + nail items, accessories, fun school supplies and all kinds of goodies perfect for teen and tween girls. Whatever’s trending….. they’re on it!

Inside the Box

I loved the vibes of the iBbeautiful box for my tween girls before I even saw what was inside. The pink box itself was covered in inspirational words and quotes, saying things like “self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it“ and simply “be awesome today.” Opening up the iBbeautiful box has the ultimate girl power feel, with purple confetti popping out and more inspirational words on cards right on top. I really loved the cards, because my girls will now use them as book marks and to decorate their room or homework folders as great reminders to love themselves everyday.

Fluffy Animal Pom Pom Key Chain

The first thing that caught my girls’ eyes in the box was a super fun, pink fluffy cat key chain. They call them “backpack chains” because that’s the cool place to sport these fun fluff balls, I’ve seen girls also clip them on purses or it can genuinely be used for their house keys. The funny little nose and ears sticking out of the pink fur made it so cute!

Cat’s Meow Lip Balm

Lip balm is the ultimate way to feel pretty when you’re not quite old enough for lipstick yet. The Cat’s Meow Lip Balm in this box felt fun and exciting to toss into a cute purse. Pink and girly, it is a fabulous way to keep lips hydrated and cared for during the day.

Co Lab Dry Shampoo

There’s never a dull moment when trying to get out the door quickly with tween girls. Dry shampoo is a quick solution to absorb extra oil in your tween’s hair in a pinch. This travel size bottle from Co Lab smelled really good and went on nice and sheer. Not to mention I’m extra excited for my girls to receive this so that they can stop taking mine, lol.

Fashion Angels Sheet Mask

My girls love a good face mask. It is a classic for girls to have a spa day at home! The face mask inside was from Fashion Angels, and was avocado scented. I love that even the face mask spoke words of inspiration, saying “Be Happy” on the front. Sheet masks are especially great for teens because they are easy to use and there is way less mess – always a win in mom’s eyes!

“Dream” Bling Clip and Pins

This was one of my favorite items in the box, but my girls told me I couldn’t borrow it. Dang. These pins are absolutely adorable and well made. The bling of the word “Dream” is the ultimate way to wear your inspiration, and inspires fun new hair styles. It could be worn as everyday sparkle or will dress up any formal outfit as well.

iBbeautiful Review November 2019 – Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend iBbeautiful enough for anyone with tween girls. The inspiration is a great reminder every month to love themselves, something too many young girls struggle with. The fun bling, girly colors and self care items are a great way for them to have small reminders to love, and express yourself with confidence. iBbeautiful would be such a fun gift as well for birthdays, holidays or from grandparents from afar. My 12-year old girls were excited to try everything in the box, and they looked absolutely fabulous doing it!

Jamie – https://www.sparkleandgrow.com

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