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Hey! My name is Jamie – I’m a Pacific Northwest mom living part time in the city of Portland, Oregon and part time in Pacific City on the Oregon Coast! Our family is very adventure bound, with 2 tween girls and a tween boy as well!

A lot of my blogs and vlogs are makeup & beauty related, also with a strong focus on mindset and happiness. I also share a lot about health and wellness, especially since my husband and myself have been eating on the ketogenic diet since January 2019. I love photography and connecting with others! I am so excited about doing product reviews for you!

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Blog: Sparkle and Grow

Everything I have done to build what you see here on Sparkle and Grow, I do because it allows me to be with my children for everything important, all while either helping others or channeling some creativity.  I feel incredible gratitude for everyone that stumbles upon my blog, my photography, my art, my YouTube channel or Instagram.  Without you, none of it would be possible.  So thank you sincerely.

Oh!  & my hobbies?  Gardening, Photography, Painting, Walking & Running, Keto, Cooking, Makeup, Astrology, Personal Development, Audio Books, Crosswords & Playing at the Beach!


Box Categories: Makeup, beauty, skin care, mindset & happiness, health & wellness, ketogenic diet, beach life, urban life, family & adventure!

Photo Policy: Feel free to use any photos you use of mine!  Simply credit @sparkleandgrow!  Thanks a million.

Review Timeline: I try really hard to do my unboxings within a couple weeks of receiving my box.  Sometimes it can occasionally take up to 4 weeks because I also do a YouTube review and unboxing each and every time, but my goal is always that 2 weeks mark!

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