Kinder Beauty Box Review January 2020

Kinder Beauty Box is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup, skincare, hair-care and accessories box, curated with kindness and delivered to your door each month! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each Kinder Beauty Box is packed with $75-$165 worth of carefully-curated, totally cruelty-free & vegan skincare, makeup, hair-care and/or accessories. You’ll get at least two full-size products in each box, and every month they’ll help you discover new brands to fall in love with!

They work to be as eco-conscious as possible with their packaging by shipping in boxes made from 100% recycled materials that are both biodegradable and compostable along with packing materials inside the box that are also made from 100% recycled materials, and even the ink used to print the logo and designs on the outside of the box is an eco-friendly soy-based ink.

A portion of all sales benefits some of their favorite animal rights and environmental causes such as ASPCA, Farm Sanctuary, Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation and Compassion Over Killing.

Subscription Details

There are three subscription plan options for Kinder Beauty Box:

  • $28.50/month for a month-to-month subscription
  • $26.50/month for a 3 month subscription
  • $24/month for a 12 month subscription

Shipping is free for US customers. For international customers, there is an additional $5.95 per box fee for shipping and handling. New boxes are shipped by the 18th of each month as long as the current box hasn’t sold out. If it’s happened to sell out, new subscribers will be added to the list for the following month’s box.

January Box Details ($86.99 total value)

This month’s Kinder Beauty Box is another great collection that includes a wide variety of natural beauty products ranging from skincare to haircare. The handful of skincare items included don’t overlap at all and are great for different all different kinds of skin concerns.

Here’s a look at what’s in this month’s Kinder Beauty Box:

Box Insert

The box insert is always so helpful and easy to understand. Products are shown with bold imagery and a lengthy and helpful description is included along with retail pricing. It’s fun how the subtle theme and graphics changes each month to match the season.

Lotte Naturals Morgan Eye Serum ($17)

“Give your eyes the boost they need with this caffeine infused serum. This de-puffing serum contains two rich, potent caffeine oils that help reduce inflammation and awaken your eyes. With organic sweet almond oil and jojoba oil that penetrate deep into skin providing lasting hydration, as well as helps to remove dark circles from under eyes. Enriched with Frankincense oil to add extra anti-inflammatory properties to reduce puffiness lingering under your eyes. Blended with nine completely natural, non-toxic ingredients that add the nutrients and hydration needed to enhance your under eye. Start your morning with a full wake-up call, and roll on your Morgan Serum.”

I’m always in need of a good eye perk up and love trying out anything that promises to reduce puffiness and dark circles. This eye serum is caffeine infused and is said to reduce inflammation. It’s made with simple, natural and effective ingredients that will help nourish that delicate under eye skin. It smells really, really good too! It’s like a coffee and sweet citrus mix so it’s scent is ultra bright and uplifting. It might sound strange, but trust me it’s a good combo. I would use this in the AM for the scent alone, but also look forward to testing it’s de-puffing abilities too.

R+Co One Prep Travel Spray or Trophy Shine + Texture Spray ($12)

“ONE Prep Spray – Prep your hair with ONE Prep Spay, a nourishing base coat that will adjust the pH balance of hair while helping other products adhere evenly. Can be used as a revitalizer. Good for: Detangling and light conditioning.”

There were two product options from this brand and I received the One Prep Spray. It’s like a base coat for your hair to protect it and prep it for additional product application. I’ve never heard of a product like this before but I suppose it could be pretty useful considering some hair products can dry out hair. It of course could be used on it’s own to protect hair from the elements too and also as a detangler. It smells nice – kind of like a hair salon, if that makes sense? It’s a pleasant, floral-like scent. I don’t use a ton of hair products but I do use detangler so I’ll likely give this a go for that purpose.

Peeling Pad (Berrygood or Superb-Herb) ($3)

“Not only will these peeling pads make your skin super soft and smooth, but it also deeply cleanses the skin! this all-in-one exfoliator and cleanser peels off dead skin and removes makeup residue to control excess oil and dirt on the skin.”

This is a single use exfoliator pad for your skin that buffs and smoothes dead skin cells away. It’s infused with rosemary to moisturize, grapefruit to even skin tone, and peppermint to provide refreshing. This is definitely a convenient way to exfoliate but I generally like to use exfoliators that are in face wash form. I might give this a try though since it’s a unique idea.

Dirty Lamb Tea Tree Wand ($42)

“A natural blemish remover that works on all types of acne! Cinnamon infused witch hazel & tea tree will soothe current acne & reduce acne causing bacteria. Clear jojoba oil mimics skins natural sebum so it hydrates and balances oil production. You will feel the magic as it tingles & cools. Enjoy the pleasant scent of minty goodness with a hint lavender. Gently shake glass bottle and roll applicator over acne & acne prone areas.”

I wish I wasn’t excited about this product (hello acne) but I am in need of a new spot treatment so this came at a good time. It’s a pretty large bottle which is nice since many spot treatments come sized much smaller. This one should last a long time because of it’s size. It’s made with simple, acne fighting ingredients and supposedly works to reduce all types of acne. It smells a bit strong (but not bad at all- just like it’s going to get work) and says it gives skin a slight tingle when applied which is refreshing. I’ll be giving this one a try very soon!

Glov On The Go Makeup Remover ($12.99)

“GLOV not only removes makeup but also leaves the skin balanced, soft and divine. GLOV is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and gentle not only for your skin. It leaves your skin and mood soothed and comforted.”

This makeup remover is a little glove that you just have to add water to (no additional cleanser required). It’s reusable and says it can be used from 1-3 months. It’s made with polyester and polyamide and supposedly removes makeup on it’s own. It saves money on product and reduces waste. I like that concept but am unsure how I feel about not using a cleanser. I’d be willing to test it out though, I’m very curious.

Kinder Beauty Box Review January 2020 – Final Thoughts

I never know what to expect when it comes to Kinder Beauty Box which keeps things fun and interesting. I’m always introduced to a new brand or two and the categories of products vary and are wide ranging so it feels like it helps keep your beauty regimen well-rounded. At first glance I’d say I was most excited about the Tea Tree Blemish Wand but after a closer look and scent inspection I’m really excited to try the wonderfully smelling eye serum too. Both together would be a treat to apply before bed. Since Kinder Beauty Box is always keeping me guessing on it’s contents, I’m going to guess that some sort of makeup item will be included next month since it wasn’t this month. Looking forward to seeing if I’m right!

The Botanic Gal –

Kinder Beauty Box

Vegan and cruelty-free makeup, skincare, hair-care and accessories, curated with kindness and delivered to your door each month!

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