Let’s Go Eco Review Fall 2022

Let’s Go Eco makes going green easy, fun and more affordable with their luxurious, earth friendly, sustainable, low waste quarterly subscription box. Features the latest eco-trends from sustainable small businesses. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ok…..time to get totally real and honest with you all. Every year when September rolls around I feel the need to restart, reorganize, recharge, and most importantly……simplify. So, I spent the last little while going through my list of subscription boxes in an effort to focus on only the ones I really, truly love and Let’s Go Eco is one of them. This is a personal fave.

Subscription Details

Let’s Go Eco Boxes arrive 4 times a year packed full of eco-awesome items like low waste swaps, quality reusables and plastic-free, all natural, handcrafted items from small Canadian businesses.

Each box has at least 7 items and offers 35% or more off regular retail prices.

Plastic-free including the packaging using the most environmentally-friendly options available.  Labels are compostable with adhesive made from sugar cane, tissue and stickers printed using soy-based ink and boxes made from 100% recycled paper.

Here’s a peek at the items we received in the Fall Let’s Go Eco box…..

Handprinted Tea Towel by Your Green Kitchen (MSRP: $16)

This beautiful tea towel is their best seller and we love it for its strong fall vibes, high quality, beauty and eco-benefits. Handmade and printed with 100% GOTS organic unbleached cotton, super absorbent and washes like a dream. 

Yes, yes, yes…..I love this tea towel. I like the simple colors and pretty design. I would love a few more of these and will definitely be checking out the Your Green Kitchen Instagram page.

Multi Award-Winning Face Moisturizer by UpCircle (MSRP: $36)

We’re excited to bring you this multi award-winning deeply hydrating, fast-absorbing face moisturizer. Reused, repurposed, reloved!! This dermatologically approved vegan face cream from UpCircle is made with finely-ground powder of discarded argan shells, a natural by-product of the argan oil industry and rich in antioxidant Vitamin E. The argan shell powder is combined with skin-soothing cocoa butter, aloe vera and blood orange. It’s a multi-award winner too including “Responsible Beauty” award from CEW Awards 2022, “Best Moisturizer” from Natural Health Beauty Awards 2022, winner of the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021 and has over 1,500 5 star reviews. 

This is such a cool skincare product and I am SO excited to try it! It gets a ton of great reviews and I absolutely love the idea of an “up cycled” skincare product. It has a really lovely scent thanks to the blood orange and it felt really light, but super moisturizing, when I tested a little on the back of my hand.

Premium Beauty Bundle Elate Beauty (MSRP: $72)

  • Multi-Use Bamboo Make-Up Brush (MSRP: $28)
  • Bamboo Eye Shadow Brush (MSRP: $22)
  • Eye Shadow in Compact (MSRP: $22)

Multi-Use Brush: Go-to tool for flawlessly applying foundations and powders and made with sustainably-sourced bamboo and antibacterial and hypoallergenic bristles.

Eye Shadow Brush: High performance too for applying powders and creams evenly and flawlessly.

Eye Shadow Bamboo Compact: Featuring universally appealing “Beloved” a soft brown pressed eye and cheek colour that absorbs oil so you can say goodbye to creasing and hello to high-performance colour. Simply apply with your eye shadow or multi-use brush. 

OH my goodness! I think this is one of my favourite Let’s Go Eco products to date! Not only do I love this brand but I love the selection of items they chose for us. I don’t wear a ton of makeup but these three things are products I actually use on a daily basis. Great job Let’s Go Eco!

LastTissue Reusable Tissue Pack by LastObject (MSRP: $20)

With fall comes the sniffles, runny noses and lots and lots of pre-packed tissues… unless you have these. LastTissue features the best of both worlds: on-the-go availability of a tissue pack and the eco-friendly handkerchief. LastTissue Pack contains organic tissues that you pull from the bottom, use and put a it back in at the top and there’s a barrier separating the clean from the nasties. 

I am going to be completely honest and say that I’m not totally sold on this product…..yet. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m not sure I’m in to reusable tissues but I do love the overall concept and still might give it a try. Regardless…..I will be putting this in my car essentials bag as I think it will be very handy to have on hand.

Multi-Purpose Make Up /Pencil Case/Snack Bag by KeepLeaf (MSRP: $18)

This multi-purpose bag can be used in all sorts of ways… snack bag, make up bag, pencil case, travel pouch, etc. The Keep Leaf collections are designed with the environment in mind, promoting reusable, certified GOTS organic and sustainable products and materials. 

Our makeup (which I am very excited about) came in this super cute little travel bag and this is something I LOVE to receive. I think a Fall print would have been super fun but I do really love hearts. Maybe I will tuck this away until February 🙂

Handcrafted Farmhouse Sign Strong N Free (MSRP: $22)

These handcrafted whimsical wooden signs channel fall and happy home vibes. Every sign is custom made to order and individually hand painted especially for us in their shop in Victoria, British Columbia. Their creations are crafted from high quality, 100% real wood by their small team of artisans. There are 4 different designs and you will get one at random in your box.

Ummmm….how adorable is this little wooden sign?! I was so excited to see this in the box because not only do I love seasonal decor but I also love signs like this because they are very easy to decorate with. You simply pop it on a shelf and you are good to go.

Organic Potato Chips in a Compostable Bag by Humble Potato Chips (MSRP: $6 CDN)

These may be the most sustainable chips on the planet!! Introducing Humble Potato Chips. Made using only locally farmed, organic potatoes grown without pesticides and packaged in a certified plastic-free compostable bag! We’re in eco-heaven. Plus, they’re delicious.

Last but not least we have Humble Potato Chips, which I’ve had the pleasure of trying (only recently) and I am a huge fan. They are SO good and I am very excited to tuck these away for a lazy Sunday afternoon filled with Netflix and snacks.

Let’s Go Eco Review Fall 2022 – Final Thoughts

I am absolutely thrilled with the Fall Let’s Go Eco and can safely say it is one of their best boxes yet. I really think they did a great job and I LOVE the mixture of items. I appreciate that they included a Fall decor item as well as some beautiful makeup. This is a box I love to receive, am excited to open, and love to support. If you are looking for a way to treat yourself……this is the subscription for you!

-AYOB Sarah

Let’s Go Eco

Let's Go Eco makes going green easy, fun and more affordable with our luxurious, earth friendly, sustainable, low waste quarterly subscription box.

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