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Shipping since: October 2019
$89.99 quarterly
Let's Go Eco makes going green easy, fun and more affordable with our eco-conscious, sustainable, natural, ethical, luxurious and PLASTIC-FREE quarterly subscription box that features sustainably driven small businesses.
Shipping: $10 Canada, $25 US, International Varies
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Ships from: Canada
Ships: Quarterly
Currency: CAD
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Box Details:

Let’s Go Eco is the ultimate eco-friendly, natural, sustainable and PLASTIC-FREE subscription box that features small, sustainably driven, businesses.  Boxes are filled with the latest eco-conscious brands and trends in home, fashion, health and wellness and are specially curated to help people live a more low waste, more eco-conscious lifestyle.  We are the only plastic-free subscription box that features new indie, small sustainable businesses.

Boxes arrive 4 times a year packed full of eco-awesome items like low waste swaps, quality reusables and plastic-free, all natural, handcrafted items from small businesses.  Each box has at least 7 items and offers 35% or more off regular retail prices.  Flat rate $10 standard shipping in Canada, $25 flat rate to the USA.  Plastic-free including the packaging using the most environmentally-friendly options available.  Labels are compostable with adhesive made from sugar cane, issue and stickers printed using soy-based ink and boxes made from 100% recycled paper.

Additonal Info:

What you get: Let’s Go Eco subscribers will receive 7 or more eco-conscious and sustainable health, beauty, clothing, accessory and home items from sustainably driven small businesses. The subscription arrives 4 times a year, each seasonally themed (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Savings of 35% or more compared to regular retail prices.

We are VERY different than all other subscription boxes. We are the only subscription box that is plastic-free and features small sustainably driven small businesses.

Plastic-free, all natural, sustainable, supports small businesses, plus incredible savings. Better for you and the planet too.  Be more fantastic with less plastic and Let’s Go Eco…together!!

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What is Let’s Go Eco?
We are the only PLASTIC FREE seasonal subscription box that features small sustainable businesses.  You get 7 or more lovingly chosen quality, stylish and luxurious eco-friendly items. Items are sustainable, made from natural materials, cruelty-free, encourage a low waste lifestyle and most are fair trade, organic and/or biodegradable.

How does it work?
We are very different than all other subscription boxes.  For those who ask, we disclose the box contents BEFORE billing and shipping and you can choose to skip a box.  We believe that being eco-conscious means you don’t buy what you don’t need.

How does billing work?
Boxes arrive according to a seasonally themed schedule and delivered every 3 months; November (Winter), March (Spring), June (Summer) and September (Fall).  You get an email a few days prior to billing telling you what’s in the box and prepare you for billing. Billing is the first week of each of the following months: November, March, June, September. Boxes are shipped a few days after billing.

Are all the items in the box full-sized?
We will always include 7 or more, full size products. Eco-friendly and sustainable are our most important goals but we also want to give you outstanding value and offer you savings of at least 35% off what you would pay in a store.

Are the products vegan?
We aim to make most boxes fully vegan but occasionally include “beegan” items (all items are cruelty-free).  In check out, if you write VEGAN, we will swap out any non-vegan items for a vegan item of similar value.  Our goal is each item must be plastic-free, natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free and offer at least two of the following benefits: certified organic, compostable, fair trade, handmade/artisan, from a small Canadian business, a portion of profits are donated to charity, vegan and/or is a sustainable zero-waste swap designed to replace everyday plastic items.

Is the box plastic free?
Making the boxes as plastic free as possible is a top priority! We obsessed about making our boxes are as sustainable as possible. Our boxes are made from 100% post-consumer waste and are fully recyclable. To further avoid plastic, we use compostable stickers from PureLabels, water-activated kraft tape and tissue paper from noissue. PureLabels and noissue are leaders in design, innovation, and sustainability; ink is soy-based, tissue is completely acid free and FSC Certified. We decided against a fully printed box because there weren’t any sustainable options that were also cost effective. Our goal is to always ensure we offer huge value and it is the items in the box that are most important. We don’t waste money on just a pretty box (it’s what’s inside that matters!). We also work with our product partners to ensure that packaging during shipping is as eco-friendly as possible (at times we’ll even go pick up items to avoid the excess packaging that may be required when they being shipped by mail). We also instruct our product partners not to include all that plastic packaging that has unfortunately become quite normal but is often unnecessary.

Can I get a refund or return the box?
Unfortunately no, all purchases are non-refundable and any returns sent to us will not be eligible for a refund. However, if you have a problem such as a damaged item in the box, please reach out to us and we will do our best to fix the problem.

Does Let’s Go Eco ship internationally?
We ship to Canada, the US and Europe. Shipping to Canada is a flat rate of $10 or free over $150. Shipping to the US is a flat rate of $25 (approx. $20 USD).  Europe is calculated at check out and based on your location.  If you are ordering from Canada, please be aware that the boxes will be subject to GST/HST tax and possibly other taxes depending on your province. For those outside Canada, your country may add additional taxes or duties for imported goods. Let’s Go Eco is not responsible for paying any additional taxes, duties, and tariffs.

How long does it take for the box to arrive?
We’ll email you a tracking number when your box is on its way. You can expect it to take 1-2 weeks if you are in Canada, 2-3 weeks if you are in the US.  Shipping during the holiday season takes longer and 2-4 weeks in Canada and 4-6 weeks in the US.

How do I cancel?
You can cancel anytime after 2 boxes. Email us at hello@letsgoeco.com .

What currency do you charge in?
Our prices are Canadian.

How do I update my billing information?
Log into your account and you will be able to change your billing/shipping information. If you need assistance please contact us at hello@letsgoeco.com

How can I reach you?
Email us at hello@letsgoeco.com

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