Lookfantastic Beauty Box Review: The Hero Edit June 2021

Lookfantastic Beauty Box put out a special hair care edition of their beauty box last month with a collection of products “meant to detoxify, hydrate, and give strength to your tresses as the temps rise, and we all let our hair down.” I’ve still got a few products to try but I wanted to share some initial thoughts anyway. Onto the mane attraction if you will, June’s Hero Edit. This one sold for $35 USD/$45 CAD and promised a retail value of $95+. *

* They kindly sent us this box for review

The Lookfantastic Beauty Box product guide includes pictures and descriptions of each of the items in the box, some tips on how to use them and the retail price. I wish they’d print it on the same thicker paper they use for the monthly boxes as this one feels cheap and flimsy, but maybe I’m alone in that. Do you care either way?

Imbue Curl Energizing Hydration Serum (Deluxe)

“This lightweight, hydrating serum unleashes and enhances your natural curl pattern, protecting against humidity for longer last curl definition without the frizz. It absorbs instantly into hair to plump and define from the inside out. ($13/3.3 fl oz; all prices from the guide in USD.)”

My hair is straight but my son’s hair has a lot of curl so I’m hoping he’ll agree to be my test subject. (For a price maybe.) I’ve only ever used a detangling spray in his hair so I’m curious to see what the serum will do.

SEEN Blow-Out Creme (Deluxe)

“Body, bounce, control, and shine. Get serious blow-out results and memory without clogging pores or compromising skin with this dermatologist-designed, non-comodegenic blow-dry styling product. Your hair will be protected from heat, pollution, and UV damage, giving it a beautiful shine. ($24/5 fl oz)”

In the summer I usually let my hair air dry so I’ve yet to need any styling products but I’ll try the creme when I do decide to take some time and blow it out.

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Restructuring Bond Repair Conditioner (Mini)

“Perfect for straight, wavy, curly, coiled, and tightly coiled hair, this reparative conditioner forumulated with Caviar Bond Enforcing Technology seals and protects tresses that have been damaged through chemical processes or physical stress. ($12/1.35 fl oz)”

This conditioner left my hair super soft and fluffy but the scent reminded me of fennel or black liquorice and made me queasy. (Not a fan of either of those.) I won’t use it again but I hate to waste product so I’ll give the rest to a friend or save it for my mom when she visits in a few weeks.

Phillip B Peppermint Avocado Shampoo (Deluxe)

“Formulated with 2.3% peppermit oil and 16 plant extracts, this clarifying shampoo clears away unwanted oils and residue without stripping and creates a tingly-cooling sensation to invigorate your scalp. ($15/2 fl oz)”

Fantastic shampoo! It takes a minute or two to feel any tingling on your scalp but when you do, it’s wonderful. Gentle but you can definitely feel it. And the peppermint scent is so fresh. Invigorating.

Olaplex No 3 (Deluxe)

“This concentrated treatment reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair by repairing damage and protecting hair structure, restoring a healthy appearance and texture. ($8.50/20 ml)”

The hair salon I go to swears by Olaplex but I’ve never tried any at home, partly because it’s so pricey. I was happy to see a deluxe sample.

Christophe Robin Salt Scrub (Deluxe)

“This sea salt scrub is an effective natural exfoliator that cleanses, removes impurities and restores balance to the scalp. The grains stimulate microcirculation in the scalp to supply the maximum amount of nutrients to the hair, restoring optimal hydration levels for refreshed, shiny, clean hair. ($8.48/40 ml)”

Another product I’m really enjoying. The gentle scrub feels great massaged into the scalp and left my hair squeaky clean. It’s got a thick and creamy consistency that feels luxe.

Hush & Hush Deeply Rooted Supplement (4 capsules)

“This hair health supplement harnesses the power of proven vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and patented ingredients to stop thinning hair and hair loss. It combats causes of aging, nourishes the follicles, and promotes scalp health for strong, healthy hair. ($6)”

I don’t see the point of including a day’s worth of capsules when surely it takes more than a day to see any difference. Haven’t tried.

Tangle Teezer The Original Mini in Pink Bubblegum (Full Size)

“Using Tangle Teezer’s patented two-tiered regular-flex technology, this travel-friendly brush removes tangles and reduces breakages so you’ll have smooth, frizz-free hair anywhere you go. ($10)”

Tangle Teezers work so well and feel great too. My daughter made off with this one in two seconds flat.

So a couple of stand-out products so far, one miss scent-wise and a few TBD. I think the sample sizes are appropriate for the price of the box and (apart from the vitamins) give you enough to determine whether they’re something you’d like to use again. And conveniently available to order from Lookfantastic Beauty Box directly. (I recently ordered a silk pillowcase from Lookfantastic and the introductory discount made it the best price I’d seen. Shipping was quick too.) June’s Hero Edit is valued at $98.98 USD.

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