Merkaela Deluxe Box Review Winter 2021

Merkaela is a seasonal subscription box that aims to make your self-care & spiritual practice easy to experience. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each quarter Merkaela delivers a beautifully curated collection of their all-natural health and wellness products that are made on-site with ingredients you can pronounce and know. They are made with you in mind and formulated to nourish your body, your mind and your spirit.

Each collection is built on a theme and includes wellness products, thought-provoking content and music — everything you need to be on your way to a holistic approach to a clear mind, body and spirit.

They are committed to sustainability and craft all of their products responsibly. This means they minimize their carbon footprint by making eco-friendly and recyclable packaging choices for their products and for shipping materials, they ethically source their product ingredients from all over the world and they also donate a percentage of their proceeds to water infrastructure and environmental programs.

Subscription Details

There are several Merkaela subscription options with differing budgets in mind:

Soap Box: $18/quarter
Every quarter you will receive a selection of handmade soaps that will support your wholistic lifestyle. All soap bars are made in small batches with organic oils infused with herbal botanicals and essential oils.

Essentials Box & Essentials Vegan Box: $35/quarter or $128/annually 
The Essentials Box contains 3-5 items and supports your meditation practice.

Deluxe Box & Deluxe Vegan Box: $65/quarter or $240/annually
The Deluxe Box contains 6-9 items and includes products for both your self-care rituals and meditation practice.

Shipping is not included and is an additional charge. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is an additional $10 and to Canada is and additional $20 to cover the extra shipping costs. Current quarterly subscriptions ship in March, June, September & December. New subscribers will be shipped the current box (if it’s not sold out) with in a week of subscribing.

Winter Box Details ($91 total value)

“”Peace fills me up like a fragrance, crosses my Being like energy. Enters through the pores of my body making me one with everything in harmony. Peace is the Creation’s breath, it is the breeze that refreshes my soul and the fire that removes my anguish. Peace is the nectar of Gods, flooding each atom with light. I close my eyes, the Temple opens. And I discover the altar of the Supreme…only Peace! -ALEGDY CARRILLO-MARTIN”

We understand the importance of engaging in nourishing practices to help you obtain an enhanced life experience. We hope that you experience more joy, ease and peace.”

Here’s a look at what’s in the winter Merkaela box:

Box Insert

The box insert is always so helpful and informational. In the included envelope is the insert itself which shares the theme, an inspiring quote related to the theme, product names, product usage and information, product pricing, an affirmation and a link to the seasonal meditation. The envelope also includes a card that has the link to the meditation on it, as well as a little wallet sized card with the affirmation on it, which this season is: “I am at peace with myself and the world around me. I choose to feel and think positive about the situations I am faced with. My breath is calmed and relaxed and I am at peace.”

Sacred Black Sage ($6.50)

“Black Sage is known for its unique quality to encourage vision and vivid dreams, used for inner healing and introspection. Use to enhance your meditation practice or before bedtime to aid with a deep, restful sleep throughout the night and encourage pleasant dreams.”

I really love the smell of sage. It’s so grounding, earthy and peaceful. I’m so intrigued by this tools ability to encourage better sleep and vivid dreams for inner healing. I’ve tried several sleep helper tools, but not yet this one so I can’t wait to test it out.

Matcha Soap Bar ($9.50)

“Experience Matcha’s calming effect on the skin, while the motivating crisp peppermint scent gets you ready to take on the day. The Yin & Yang duo invites you to create balance by finding your center between calmness and excitement. Handmade from natural oils and herbal extracts to provide the perfect nourishment that restores the skin.”

I always love the bar soaps they send in each box and this one doesn’t disappoint! It’s such a pretty shade of green and it smells so perfectly peppermint. I love using peppermint soaps because they are so uplifting and awakening for morning showers.

Purity Salt Bath ($18)

“A heavenly potent pain reliever with herbal botanicals that purify the body & spirit. Experience a peaceful sensation while the Purity Salt bath elevates your vibration. Formulated to help to let go of negative emotions and alleviate muscle and bone aches. The mineral-rich nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, combine to make a natural detoxifier that aligns the energy centers. Relax as you melt the stress away, conquer aching muscles, and soothe the skin.”

A nice warm bath is so soothing and comforting during the winter months so this salt bath is perfect. I love that it helps relieve aches and pains especially. Things tend to get stiff and sore when it’s cold outside so this is a great tool for helping to ease that tension. It smells very refreshing, like a soft minty, woodsy aroma that seems like it would be soothing to the sinuses as well. I can’t wait to try this one out!

Cooling Herbal Tea ($8.50)

“Take a moment to experience a refreshing cup of tea filled with wellness benefits. The Cooling Herbal Tea helps you stay calm, relaxed, and collected. A warm cup right before a meditation practice makes for a richer experience. Alternatively, this full-body tonic soothes stomach aches, relieves headaches, and alleviates coughs.”

I initially thought that cooling tea was a little strange to find in a winter box, but now I understand that it helps calm and bring relaxation, so cooling of the nerves really. Plus, it seems to be a good tea for if you’re under the weather, another winter benefit for sure. I don’t drink caffeine so I don’t know if I’ll drink much of this, but if I did I’d dig right in because it smells so delicious. It’s made with ingredients like spearmint, rosemary, lemon balm and eucalyptus.

Ardor Meditation Elixir ($18.50)

“Formulated to enhance confidence as you cross out your list of goals. Spray it anywhere to empower the mind and follow your heart’s true desire. Feel the relaxation that comes from releasing mental fatigue as you strengthen the soul awakening the fire within. Create a vibrant sacred space while using your Affirmation to center your thoughts.”

I love the gathering of meditation elixirs I’ve been able to collect from this box. Each has a specific benefit that you can meditate to or just use to inspire your moments. This month’s elixir is said to help with mental clarity and inspiration. Since winter can get to be a monotonous drag, that benefit seems ultra helpful right about now. This elixir smells so good and will certainly uplift the spirits. It’s a grounding, but bright blend of rosemary and other essential oils- delightful!

Rosemary Herbal Body Butter ($30)

“The herbal body butter is the ultimate deep hydrating nourishment for your skin. Encourages blood circulation and invigorates the senses with Rosemary’s fresh balsamic aroma. Use it to preserve youthful skin by protecting it from environmental free-radicals. Our selective infused oils such as Shea, Jojoba and Babassu; will further deepen your botanical experience. Providing the body with the essential nutrients it craves at the deepest levels.”

Wow this smells amazing! I can’t stop smelling it! It smells so fresh and herbal and plant-like with a tiny hint of sweetness – it’s like you are out in a crisp, dewy, life-filled forest. I always love the body butters that come in this box, but this might be my favorite yet. It’s texture is a little less fluffy than those I’ve previous received, but it melts into skin so nicely and feels so good. Plus, did I mention the smell? So good! This is so perfect for winter.

Merkaela Deluxe Box Review Winter 2021 – Final Thoughts

I just love this subscription box so much! Merkaela is such a treat and the products are created so thoughtfully. Not only do they nourish the body, but they always nourish the senses and mind at the same time too. I always find myself reaching for the products from this box over and over again because they are that good. This month’s selection is bright and crisp, and brings to life that fresh warm feeling we oh-so-need during the cold winter months. Everything is perfect for dry winter skin and for uplifting those dry winter moods too. They truly match the products to the seasonal need and I always appreciate that so much. I can’t wait to add everything to my daily routine!

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