Moms + Babes Box Review Spring 2020

Moms + Babes Box is a subscription-based service that delivers high-quality, premium products for both moms and their kiddos four times a year. Each box is limited edition and contains $150+ in retail value! It is like the ultimate mommy fist-bump—a collection of awesome, “how’d-I-ever-live-without-it” products that are handpicked and delivered straight to your door. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Moms + Babes Box is a wonderful subscription for any Momma. It’s packed full of beautiful products (mostly skincare and beauty) for Mom with a few little gifts for Baby. It’s the best of both worlds. Something for you and something for your little.

Subscription Details

Moms + Babes Box is a curated collection of at least six full-size, premium products delivered straight to you and your babe 4x per year.

Four times a year, you will be sent a new box! Each box is limited edition and contains $150+ in retail value.

Boxes are shipped in March, June, September, and December.

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the Spring 2020 Moms + Babes Box…..

Eli & Ali Baby Tush Swiper

The most convenient, and portable cream applicator. No more cream all over the place while trying to balance your baby, the diaper bag and all the things in a public bathroom.

Lou Lou Lollipop Pacifier Clip

This pacifier clip is not only chic but keeps pacifiers, teething rings or toys close at hand (and off the floor). Simply loop baby’s pacifier or toy to one end, then use the stainless steel clip to fasten the other end to clothing, blankets, car seats, strollers or diaper bags.

Barefoot Scientist Rehab-Advanced Healing System

Rehab is an FDA-approved wound antibiotic healing serum, perfect for our kiddos (or mommas) who get scraped, cut or burned. Time might heal all wounds, but healing them super fast is even better.

Reverskarma Incense Sticks

Try out some mediation while burning these incense sticks so you can read a book, cook dinner, dance around the house. Each scent correlates to a positive word to focus on for the week.

Skinesque 3-Step Charcoal Masks

Skinesque’s travel-friendly 3-step Brightening Charcoal Mask is a complete treatment consisting of a foaming cleanser, hydrating essence, and brightening & hydrating face sheet mask.

DermaE Microdermabrasion Scrub

Bring home the luxury of microdermabrasion with one of our fave skincare brands, Derma E. It buffs your skin with Dead Sea salt to eliminate dullness and smooths fine lines, wrinkles, roughness and acne scars.

Sonage C Shield Serum

We all know how amazing Vitamin C is for our body, and this serum does not disappoint. It reduces dark spots and protects our skin from blue-light exposure (cell phones, computer screens).

Queen V Bombshell Bath Bombs

If you’re like us, your kiddos love a bath bomb! These are fragrance-free, so safe to share a bath with your kids, but packed with ingredients like rosemary oil and sweet orange to kick those cramps during that time of the month.

Masquebar Coffee Hydro Gel Eye Patches

Unpuff with these amazing caffeine and coffee packed eye patches. If we could pump coffee in our veins we would, right mamas?

Indigo Wild Sea Salt Zum Mist

A few spritzes of this Zum Mist and voila! you have body spray, aromatherapy shower sauna, hair freshener, line lover, bathroom buddy, or a car companion. Plus it’s super clean with only 3 ingredients.

Merle Norman Cosmetics Skintelligent Eye Moisturizer

Perfect for sleep deprived moms! We love this eye moisturizer with a metal tip applicator that provides an instant cooling effect. Best part? It contains probiotic technology and reduces dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles.

Saints & Sinners Velvet Divine Leave-In Conditioner

Instantly condition hair with divine leave-in conditioner for all hair types! Luxury performance without toxic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, iron oxides, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic colors, and palm oil. Nut and gluten free.

Moms + Babes Box Review Spring 2020

This season’s Moms + Babes Box brought with it a lot of amazing gifts for Mom. We discovered a really great selection of skincare and bath & body items. We receive three items for babe and maybe would have liked to see a few more. The antibiotic serum is a must-have for any diaper bag but it’s also a great item for toddlers and kiddos…..great for any age really. The pacifier clip is adorable and practical while the Tush Swiper is a genius product, one we never knew existed. Overall the value is amazing and the fact that there are items for Mom and Babe makes us happy. If you are a Mom and a skincare lover, this is the box for you!





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