MorpheMe Brush Club Review January 2017

MorpheMe Brush Club is a monthly subscription for makeup brushes. Get your hands on quality brushes for an amazing price! Every month you’ll get anywhere from 3-7 new Morphe brushes. Never the same brush twice. They kindly sent us this box for review.

MorpheMe Brush Club is one of three subscription boxes available from LiveGlam. This is the first time I have heard of MorpheMe, or any of their subscription boxes for that matter, and I’m wondering why it took me so long. In addition to a monthly delivery of makeup brushes, they also offer a monthly club for Liquid Lipstick and Nail Polish. I have a strange feeling I am going to want all three boxes by the time I am done this review.

Subscription Details

MorpheMe Brush Club promises to never send the same brush twice. How in the world do they do that! Are there really that many brush options when it comes to applying makeup? Don’t get me wrong, I am SUPER excited about the idea of a monthly brush club, I just had no clue there were so many brushes to choose from.

If you are anything like me, right about now you are probably wondering if this is a good subscription for those of use who lack makeup application skills. Well, don’t you worry, each month they give you information on each brush, plus a video tutorial on how to use them. They also do blog posts on each month’s brushes packed with more information to help you become a brush master. Yay!! There’s hope for me yet!!

Here’s a look at the brushes I received this month:

MorpheMe MB1 Deluxe Powder

This powder brush is so super soft and fluffy! The synthetic fibers make it great for packing powder into the skin. While natural hair brushes pick up powder products more easily, synthetic brushes are great for packing product in. Jennifer used this brush to blend her setting powder out all over her face! You’ll love how soft the bristles are against your precious face.

This is exactly what I needed in my brush collection. I often skip the powder because I don’t have the proper brush to apply it. Now I do. And they are right, it is super soft!

MorpheMe MB4 Angle Blush Contour

This dense, fluffy angled brush is SO perfect for buffing your blush or contour for a seamless blend. This synthetic brush works perfectly on cream or powder products. Jennifer used this brush to blend out her contour in our How-To for a gorgeous natural cheek contour. You can also use this brush to add a blush (cream or powder!) and buff your cheek color out.

I am a blush fanatic! Therefore, I am extremely happy about this particular brush. If I could only choose one thing to apply before I left the house, it would definitely be blush.

MorpheMe MB9 Foundation

I know nobody really wanted a foundation brush, but we decided to throw one in anyways. 😉 This flat, synthetic brush works perfectly to apply an even coverage! You can use it for all over face application, or you can use it to place product right where you need it before blending with your flawless beauty sponge! This brush can also be used to carve out those cheeks with a cream contour.

This is a brush collection must have. I started using foundation brushes a few years back, and absolutely love them.

MorpheMe MB10 Concealer

Just to really perfect your base- we gave you a small concealer brush, too! This flat, synthetic brush will help you disguise blemishes and imperfections. Carve out your brows and conceal your undereyes while you’re at it! Flat brushes like this are also amazing for packing eyeshadows on your lid! I am obsessed with small flat brushes, can not have enough. And if you are a fan of cream contouring, use this brush to place product in the smaller areas of your face!

This is one I haven’t used before, but am extremely excited to try. If I love a good foundation brush, I’m sure I will love this one just as much.

MorpheMe MB19 Oval Lip

If you want clean lipstick application, then you need this lip brush! Get crisp lines in every application. The firm, small, flat brush will make your lip application a breeze. You can also use this versatile brush to spot conceal if you have any small blemishes that need extra attention! Or use it to carve out a cut crease and pack glitter on your lid, like Jennifer! Get creative with your brush uses, guys- there are no rules when it comes to makeup.

I like the idea of using this one to spot conceal. I don’t wear a lot of lipstick so spot concealer it is!

MorpheMe Review February 2017

I am so happy to have discovered MorpheMe Brush Club. I get so darn excited when my beauty boxes include makeup tools, and now there’s a subscription box specifically for those coveted items. I think MorpheMe is going to be a very popular little subscription, that’s my prediction. I can see makeup addicts going crazy for this box. The price is very reasonable, and from what I can tell the brushes are good quality. I also like that they provide video tutorials on how to use the brushes. That makes it a perfect subscription for pros and newbies (like myself). I am super intrigued by the other two subscription options as well – Kiss Me & Polish Me. I will definitely have to check those ones out.

What do you think of MorpheMe Brush Club? Do you like the idea of getting new makeup brushes every month?





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