Naturally Crated Review Spring 2019

The Naturally Crated quarterly subscription box is the long awaited subscription box for those who seek out natural, organic, and eco-friendly products. Finally, a box just for YOU!

Whether you are looking to sit back and be spoiled, or discover new products without all the label-reading and research, a box will be curated especially with you in mind. Your box will be packed with full-sized, quality products from conscious brands…just like all of their other gifts. You can anticipate fun, seasonal products you will want to use now! They kindly sent us this box for review.

This has to be my FAVORITE box of the year with Naturally Crated. I am a person that loves all natural items. I love knowing that what I am doing is helping the environment. That I am being my best self. This box was FULL of amazing goodies that anyone would love it!

Now, let’s get into the amazing goodies that we received in the Spring Naturally Crated box.

Fair Trade Wool Dryer Ball Set ($28.99)

I have ALWAYS wanted wool dryer balls! These are fantastic for getting the static out of clothes AND for making them smell AMAZING! These are fair trade and they support women in Nepal! You’re supposed to add essential oil drops to the balls and then throw them in with your clothes in the dryer! I can’t wait to do laundry! Which I haven’t EVER said!

Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder ($13.99)

This laundry powder/soap is made up of only FIVE earth-derived ingredients. It is also made specifically for those with sensitive skin. It is supposed to be long lasting, super concentrated, and affordable. I can’t wait to try it out as well!

Wet Bag ($16.88)

This is one of those items that you never think of to get yourself but you never realize how handy it is to have. Whether you are coming home from the gym, the pool, or a rainy day this is the perfect bag to store your wet clothes while you are waiting to wash them! You simply toss in the clothes and the empty bag in the washer when you get home!

Organic Lemon Oil ($9.95) & Organic Lavender Oil ($10.95)

Last season Naturally Crated sent over an essential oils holder bag, a wonderful flip through of information for the oils, and so much more! They knocked it out of the park again by adding in these essential oils. I can’t wait to use them in my diffuser and also on my wool dryer ball set! It is going to be wonderful!

Hogwash! ($8.95)

Apparently this is supposed to be able to wash just about anything out of your clothes! I can’t wait to put this to the test! It can be used as a spot cleaner as well! I love the packaging and the name. It makes me giggle!

Eco Nuts ($4.50)

The name of this item cracks me up! But I love the idea of them! They are dried berries from a tree that grows in the Himalayas! When put in water they produce a naturally made laundry cleaner! How cool is that? I love that nature has given us so many things to be able to take care of ourselves without adding in all of those bad things into our systems!

Cedar Block Set ($4.99)

I love how the team at Naturally Crated really do think of everything when it comes to their themes. These cedar blocks are supposed to be packed in with your sweaters to keep the moths away from them during the Spring and Summer months!

I loved every single item in this Season’s Naturally Crated box. I love how much thought and detail was put into the curation. The items are things that people need on a weekly basis. Everyone needs to wash their clothes and the idea of doing it safely and in a way that is good for the environment makes me happy.

Naturally Crated costs $75 a season. That is a wonderful price! Especially when you get over $100 worth of items in each box.

Live life naturally!

Until next time…

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