Naturally Crated Review Summer 2019

Every quarter when I get Naturally Crated I LITERALLY squeal with joy. I love this box so much. This year they have an overall theme for the boxes called “Room by Room Green” in which they tackle a room each quarter (each crate) and help to switch out to greener products, find less toxic tools, and have a healthier home overall!

For Spring the box was all about the Laundry Room! I have been using ALL of the products in my weekly washing!

Subscription Details

Here’s a little more info from the website and from Elizabeth herself….

“I have spent years becoming a stringent label reader. I only use the cleanest products I can get my hands on in my own home, and won’t settle for anything less in your crate! The items we curate must meet the following selection criteria:”

  • Products are full-sized, single-use or multi-use
  • All personal care & food products must include full ingredient lists
  • We value transparency, longevity of use, and family-friendly products
  • We never purchase items that we know have been tested on animals

This is a company that I can proudly stand by and that I feel good about getting every season. Naturally Crated is $75 a quarter and it is worth EVERY PENNY!

Now, let’s get into the amazing goodies that we got in Summer Crate.

Mama Suds Castile Soap ($11.50) & All-Purpose Cleaner ($12.50)

I have been on the look out for an amazing All-Purpose Cleaner for FOREVER. They either leave a gross residue or they have a horribly powerful scent that gives me an instant headache. This cleaner however is perfect! It is perfect! Seriously! I love it.

Next of course is the Castille Soap by Mama Suds as well. This is an all-purpose cleaning soap. It has an amazingly long list of uses from hand-washing dishes and floors to counters. I can’t wait to use this!!!

Moso Natural Fridge Bag ($8.95)

My mom has always used a deodorizer like baking soda. But I really love this! The fact that it is fragrance free and filled with bamboo charcoal. This makes me feel safe with it being near our food. I love that it comes with a hook to hang it and that it will last up to two years.

Milk Bottle Candle ($21.95)

I am currently burning this candle as I write this blog post. I love the fact that it looks so rustic and is so quaint looking. I love the smell as well. There is nothing better than the clean smell that is coming from the candle. I also adore the fact that they are made the old-fashioned way in a reclaimed barn. They are made with soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks. I’ll be reusing this bottle as a vase when I’ve used up the candle!

Organic Essential Oils ($15.90)

Something that I adore about this box is that we have received essential oils in the last couple crates. They are always perfect for what they are promoting at the time as well and fit the box theme perfectly. In the last crate we received lavender and lemon for the laundry. Now they have sent Eucalyptus and Tea Tree!

Canning Tags ($2.99)

These are adorable and perfect for the little cans that I have here at home. They are simple and sweet. I know that I will be using them for gifts later this year.

Automatic Dishwasher Powder ($17.00)

One of the things that Aaron and I have had to work on is what we use to clean the dishes. I was always partial to liquid but Aaron has converted me to powder. I love it even more that it is a natural powder! It claims that there will be no more white residue on my glasses! This makes me a very happy woman! I also love that it is biodegradable, non-toxic, and will do 90+ loads!

Pink Himalayan Salt ($3.75)

There is just something gorgeous and calming about the look of pink himalayan salt. I also love how it tastes!!! IT REALLY IS THE BEST SALT! It is also supposed to help boost energy, contributes to healthy skin, and be an anti-bacterial and anti-imflammatory!

Beechwood Serving Knife ($8.00)

This is just a cool little trinket! I love the etching on the knife as well. This is perfect for special occasions and it is sustainably sourced!

Naturally Crated Review Summer 2019 – Final Thoughts

I loved every single item in this seasons’s Naturally Crated box. I love how much thought and detail was put into the curation. The items are things that people need on a weekly basis. Everyone needs to clean their kitchen and dishes. The idea of doing it safely and in a way that is good for the environment makes me happy.

Naturally Crated costs $75 a SEASON. That is a wonderful price! Especially when you get over $100 worth of items in each box.

Live life naturally!

Until next time…

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