Nourish Beauty Box Review February 2019

Nourish Beauty Box is a monthly, cruelty-free, ingredient-conscious subscription box for beauty enthusiasts!. They believe in making conscious choices, of being mindful of what’s put in and on our bodies. Living well starts with loving yourself, and what better way to cultivate personal compassion than a consistent box of bliss filled with beautifully crafted, organic, cruelty-free products. They kindly sent us this box for review.

February Box Details (Total Value $71.99)

Awaken your surroundings and warm up your skin tone with chesnut-y, soft brown colors that bring your natural features to life. Experience ultra-hydrating and age-defying products inside your February Nourish Beauty Box.

February is that point in the winter when I’m just over it all and beyond ready for spring to arrive. I’m still in winter cozy mode (since it’s still cold and snowy) but I’m ready for all things fresh and new that the springtime brings. The items in this month’s Nourish Beauty Box help bridge that gap by being refreshing and exciting yet will still keep you looking warm with the color palette of the cosmetics included.

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s Nourish Beauty Box ($112.98 Total Value):

Nourish Naturals Eden Bronzer Duo ($12.99)

A chestnut-y, warm brown, soft powder duo dedicated to bringing back your summer skin and defining your features.

What I’m really ready for is a spring break vacation to somewhere warm and sunny! That way I can feel like it’s spring and that summer is on the horizon even though we’ve still got several months until it arrives for good. This bronzer will give you that sun kissed look of just having been on a warm vacation so it’s perfect for when you can’t get somewhere warm but want to feel like you’ve been. The colors are warm and well, bronze. One is more brown and the other is more coppery. They are both shimmery and both would well work as a highlighter to really give you that sunny glow.

Seraphine Botanicals Papaya + Balsam in “Pure Papaya” ($18)

A subtle lip and cheek tint that glides on your skin effortlessly. Created with coconut oil and papaya extract.

I love the warm, deep coral color of this lip and cheek tint. It would pair perfectly with the bronzer for a sun kissed look. I wasn’t sure how it would work on both the lip and cheek but it does. It applies like a light gloss on the lips with a subtle sheen. For the cheeks you can just swipe on and then blend in. It turns into a toned down color with a more matte finish, like a cheek stain. It doesn’t have a strong scent and isn’t sticky at all. Since the ingredients include coconut oil and papaya extract this product will help hydrate skin.

Wyldflower Labs After Poo Drops ($12.99)

Only a few drops refresh your toilet and bathroom by cancelling the bad smell. Leaving your restroom purified.

Well this is a unique item I have never received in a subscription box before. It’s one I never knew I needed but could definitely be useful, right?! It’s a bathroom deodorizer that you add to the toilet bowl after flushing for freshness. For extra aroma enhancement you can add a few drops to your sink too. It’s scented with organic peppermint, bergamot and lemongrass essential oils so it’s bright, fresh and uplifting. As a bonus, the bottle is so chic and pretty that it can be left out on the counter all the time for easy use.

Herin Beauty Revitalizing Omega-3 Cream ($69)

A 100% natural antioxidant rich omega-3 compound that helps improve skin smoothness and elasticity. For best results use it over cleansed complexion daily.

This moisturizer will help hydrate and regenerate your skin to give your complexion a radiant glow. It’s formulated with tons of anti-oxidants, omega-3’s, and vitamins that help with skin turnover and moisture retention that make your skin look smoother and more youthful. The ingredients are 100% natural and 95% organic. It has a light scent that’s refreshing and maybe a hint citrus-y.

Nourish Beauty Box Review February 2019 – Final Thoughts

The cosmetics in the February Nourish Beauty Box really have me getting excited about summer and/or a vacation! I can’t wait for either but in the meantime I can imagine both are here with a faux summer glow from the bronzer and lip stain. It’s fun when the products included can inspire ideas or new looks to try. It’s also fun when the products are something new you’ve never purchased or tried before like the bathroom deodorizer. That’s the fun part about Nourish Beauty Box, you can always count on make-up and skincare to be included but sometimes there’s an item from a different category that’s unexpected.

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