Nourish Beauty Box Review October 2018

Nourish Beauty Box is a monthly, cruelty-free, ingredient-conscious subscription box for beauty enthusiasts!. They believe in making conscious choices, of being mindful of what’s put in and on our bodies. Living well starts with loving yourself, and what better way to cultivate personal compassion than a consistent box of bliss filled with beautifully crafted, organic, cruelty-free products. They kindly sent us this box for review.

October Box Details

The October Nourish Beauty Box theme is full-on fall and is centered around prepping skin for those dropping temps as we head towards winter.

Boost your skin’s elasticity and natural defense with these vegan beauties specifically tailored to give you a high-dose of nourishment & a bejeweled look before the cooler months arrive.

Well, we’re fully into fall now! The temps have transitioned from warm and humid to mild and overall chilly here in the midwest. The leaves are turning colors and falling from the trees, a sure sign that winter is approaching. If you’re like me your skin is noticing the changing seasons too and is beginning to dry out a bit quicker. This month’s box not only helps your skin transition but also introduces colors that are all warm, cozy and truly fall-like.

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s box:

Seraphine Botanicals Clementine + Nectar Nourishing Body Oil ($54)

A potent blend of rejuvenating oils that is 100% plant-based and made with clementine, lavender, apricot and carrot oils to expertly care for your dry and sensitive skin. Use it after shower on damp skin. This product contains essential oils.

I love body oils for moisturizing the skin year-round so I was excited to find this one in October’s box offering. Ingredients like apricot and carrot oils are perfect for nourishing dry skin as they help balance & hydrate while providing antioxidants to protect skin from environmental free-radicals. This oil has a light, yet refreshing scent from the clementine and lavender oils that give it a hint of citrus that’s grounded by floral undertones. It rubs in quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling either.

Peony Cosmetics Chameleon Powder Pigment in “Tales are True” ($18)

This soft and finely-rounded powder pigment is perfect to accentuate corners of your eyes or mix it with your cream foundation to give a party glam glow to your complexion.

This is a loose powder pigment that would be great for any and all highlighting needs. It appears white in the container and gives a silvery, shimmery glow when applied. It almost has a holographic feel to it. I wouldn’t say this is a subtle shimmer, but maybe more useful when you want to feel extra fancy. Although, an everyday use of this product could be a light swipe on cheekbones to help accentuate. This product is perfect for the chilling temps and will transition excellently into winter since it has an icy feel to it.

Plants Matter Plant Butter ($15)

This one-of-a-kind, handmade & 100% natural butter is nourishing, hydrating and has skin reparatory benefits. Apply it generously on cleansed skin. This product contains essential oils.

This is another great skin hydrating product. I like that it’s made with all natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter that really help hydrate and retain moisture. While light moisturizers might be preferable in the summer, I need heavy duty ones for the winter and this one fits the bill. It’s a thicker cream consistency, but melts right into skin. It will leave a little bit of an oilier feel, but not enough to be annoying, and a little of this goes a long way so it should last a long time. It has a light and uplifting earthy scent thanks to the eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils that will bring a bit of light to any dreary days ahead.

Nourish Nails Water-based Nail Polish in “Morning Bliss” ($12.50)

Elevate your nails with this deep, evergreen shade. For an intense & more lasting effect apply 2-3 coats.

This nail color is really pretty! It’s definitely bold, but the jewel tone works so well with the season. I think this would be a great color to dress up an outfit, but the natural tone would work well with casual outfits too. It’s a great color to start wearing now and continue wearing throughout the winter.

Nourish Beauty Box Review October 2018 – Final Thoughts

This month’s box value is a whopping $99.50 and comes with some great products to test out. Although fall is not my favorite season, I will say that the items in this box give me a more positive feeling about summer disappearing. It’s fun to be distracted by new products to try out, especially ones that could help solve season-changing pain-points like dry skin. I’m really looking forward to giving these products a go!

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