Nourish Beauty Box Review September 2018

Nourish Beauty Box is a monthly, cruelty-free, ingredient-conscious subscription box for beauty enthusiasts!. They believe in making conscious choices, of being mindful of what’s put in and on our bodies. Living well starts with loving yourself, and what better way to cultivate personal compassion than a consistent box of bliss filled with beautifully crafted, organic, cruelty-free products. They kindly sent us this box for review.

September Box Details

The September Nourish Beauty Box theme is centered around saying goodbye to summer and preparing for fall.

Our pre-fall collection contains a variety of skin nourishing, green beauty products that not only deliver on their promises but they do so using natural, talk and paraben-free ingredients.

Whether we like it or not summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching. Even though I love summer the most, that means some other good things are around the corner like pumpkins, apple cider and warm jewel tones in clothes and makeup. This month’s box is a helpful transition to fall, a pre-fall phase as they call it, that will help skin prep for the coming cold and also brings colors that bridge the gap between bright summer colors and the dark hues of winter.

Here’s a look at what was in this month’s box:

Seraphine Botanicals Cherry Butter 91% Natural Creamy Lip & Cheek Tint ($24)

This long-lasting tint is highly hydrating & based on shea butter which gently conditions your skin leaving it healthy and supple. Apply it to your lips or cheeks and blend it out with your ring finger.

For cheeks I love cream tints the best so I’m looking forward to trying this product out. The color is like the name suggests, a bright cherry color – mostly red but with a pink undertone. It’s creamy and applies easily. It would look great on lips and cheeks – a little will go a long way. This is just a lightly shiny color, kind of like eggshell. There is no shimmer which I appreciate. That way you can add a highlighter if you want to, it’s more versatile. It does also have a scent, not unlike cherry, that I could do without but if you like that kind of thing it does smell nice.

Peony Cosmetics Natural Deodorant ($25)

Use it to freshen up after a workout or an intense day. This natural spray lends an invigorating scent that lasts for hours. Spray it directly onto skin. This product contains essential oils.

I’m always intrigued by new natural deodorant finds, especially those that are less traditional like this spray on kind. There is much less mess with spray on deodorants and they generally have a stronger scent that will help mask odors. This one has a very vibrant scent composed of things like lavender, orange peel, clary sage and rosemary. It gives it a slightly earthy scent but is balanced by a floral citrus. I think this could be a unisex scent really. The size is so convenient for tossing in your purse or gym bag. I can’t speak to the performance or how long it lasts yet but I’m curious to try it out.

Pickle’s Potion Vegan Lash and Brow Serum ($10.99)

Formulated specifically to encourage hair growth. Apply it to eyelashes and brows and use it overnight to maximize it’s healing effects.

I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t like longer lashes or fuller brows, myself included, so this is a fun item to receive in this month’s box. This product says it enhances both brows and lashes by providing essential nutrients to the hair follicles to stimulate hair growth and increase volume. It comes in a convenient tube like mascara so application is a breeze. I think that it’s likely not an overnight miracle product so will have to use consistently to see results.

Z Skin Cosmetics Coffee Face Scrub ($17)

A 100% organic & vegan scrub that removes dirt and grime from your complexion. Boosted with ground coffee & eucalyptus oil to help improve skin texture & reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Face scrubs are such an easy way to add a little self care to your routine. It’s not time consuming, it smooths skin out and it feels like a little face massage whenever you do it – so good! I really love that this one is made with simple ingredients that are 100% organic. It has a light scent, maybe a little bit citrusy that seems like it would add to the refreshing feeling. You can use this daily it says or at least every other day to remove those built up dead skin cells and promote cell turnover.

Nourish Nails Water-based Nail Polish in “Abundance” ($12.50)

A mesmerizing purple shade with a touch of soft shimmer. For an intense & more lasting effect apply 2-3 coats.

This nail color might be my favorite one this box has sent yet. It’s definitely a fall color with it’s warmer purple hue, I guess I’d call it more of a berry shade than purple. There is a slight shimmer to it, but it’s subtle so would be good for an every day color.

Nourish Beauty Box Review September 2018 – Final Thoughts

This month’s box value is $89.49 and seems to have come with an additional product so there were 2 new brands to check out, Pickle’s Potion and Z Skin Cosmetics, rather than just one new brand to check out like the last two months. I appreciate that as I love finding new brands and products and plus it’s a little more bang for your buck too. I’m most excited to try out the face scrub but the berry colored nail polish is inspiring me to paint my nails too. Gotta get that in before hands and toes get covered by boots and mittens! Looking forward to what comes next month after this pre-fall transition themed box!

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