Ruby Crate Review: Campus Crate Fall 2022

While there are many lifestyle boxes for women on the market, there’s only one I know of specifically made for college- and university-aged teens and twentysomethings, Ruby Crate Campus Crate. Currently available by the box (rather than by subscription), it’s a care package of bath and beauty products, decor and accessories curated every season and shipping across Canada and the US. Here’s a look at the Fall Campus Crate. (This one is sold out but you can order the Winter edition for delivery in December.) *

* They kindly sent us this one for review

The Campus Crate is the big sister to Ruby Crate’s Teen and Tween Crates. It’s $74.95 CAD + shipping per season.

Each Campus Crate includes a product card with a guide to the contents on one side and a welcome note on the other, along with a handwritten card personalized to the recipient.

Highlighting Trio: “Get your glow on with this highlighting trio that is perfect for intense highlighting and accenting your beauty.”

I feel like these muted colours would complement a variety of skin tones and I love the subtle shimmer. Works as a highlighter and an eyeshadow and not too bulky to throw in your bag for touch-ups on the go. (It’s got a magnetic closure but I’d put an elastic around it to avoid any mess.)

Shower Steamer: “Elevate your shower experience with this fabulous shower steamer that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.”

Spa Socks: “These super soft spa socks are infused with natural aloe vera that will restore, moisturise and hydrate your feet!”

Ruby Crate included a few different varieties of scents in the shower steamers. We got the lavender and oat and it is heavenly! Especially for winding down before bed. And the spa socks work miracles on dry skin, especially if you slather on a good cream first and wear them overnight.

Peel Off Mask: “It’s time to celebrate you and indulge in the ultimate in self care with this new Barbie clay peel off masks.”

Face masks have become a self-care cliché but I’m here for it! I love a clay one over a sheet mask because you can slather it and let it do its thing while you go about your business, rather than drop everything and lie down so it doesn’t slide off. There’s enough product in this packet for two applications, just make sure to put seal it in a baggie so it doesn’t dry out. Suitable for all skin types.

Clip Lights: “Have fun decorating your room with these cute mini clips and lights. Pin up your favourite memos or treasured photos.”

Succulent: “Add some colour to your room with this succulent plant. And the best part is that you don’t have to water it!”

Both so sweet!

Mug: “It’s time for me time. You deserve it! Relax with your favourite hot or cold beverage with this awesome mug.”

Cocoa: “The perfect end to a fall day is a yummy cup of hot cocoa in your new mug. Enjoy your downtime!”

A great-sized mug to keep your cocoa warm while you study *and* the cocoa to go with. We love both!

And they’re not listed on the product card, but Ruby Crate also included a recipe for Fall Apple Crisp (we made it last weekend and it was both easy and scrumptious!) and a sampler of Squish gummies (ours are yummy blueberry-flavoured ones called Brain Freeze).

Postcards: “Decorate your space with these cool postcards — create your own unique look!”

Ruby Crate includes a set of eight seasonal postcards in each box. They’re one of our favourite items!

Tote Bag: “This new tote is perfect for on the go. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles, and is so silky smooth and versatile!”

My teen had one of these eco-friendly totes on her Christmas list. They’re surprisingly strong, and so handy. Love the William Morris design too.

Care packages take a lot of time and effort to put together and the cost adds up quickly. Ruby Crate Campus Crate does the work for you and I think the price is reasonable for what you get. I’m pleased with the quality of the products and the balance of items across different categories. Lots of fun treats here, some to enjoy once or twice and others to keep and use for years.

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Ruby Crate is a subscription box designed with tweens and teenage girls in mind. Sure to delight, it is filled with gems – treasures of beauty, style and self-expression to be enjoyed each season.

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