Ruby Crate Review Spring 2021

Why do teenage girls always gather in threes? Because they can’t even. LOL LOL

More and more I find it hard to know what my fourteen-year-old daughter will like, what with the mood swings and the eye-rolling and the emotional outbursts — and that’s just me! LOL — so I really relish the times when we’re on the same page. And both of us can’t even with today’s subscription box. It’s called Ruby Crate and it’s a treasure trove of beauty, style and self-expression created for tween and teen girls by a mother-daughter duo right here in Ontario. And it’s a gem. *

* They kindly sent this box for review.

Ruby Crate ships four times a year (March, June, September and December). One-year subscriptions are available or you can purchase each box individually and (and this I think is really neat) you can double the treasures in each box to share the surprise with a sibling or your bestie or whoever you like! I’ve never seen that option in a subscription box. They also have a limited-edition grad crate shipping next month and a birthday crate that can be shipped any time (‘tho they do suggest ordering at least two weeks of the date you’d like it delivered). Ruby Crate currently ships across Canada and the US.

Pricing (CAD; taxes and shipping additional):

  • Year-long Ruby Crate — $219.80
  • Year-long Double Ruby Crate — $439.60
  • Single Ruby Crate (Summer) — $59.95
  • Double Ruby Crate (Summer) — $109.90
  • Grad Ruby Crate — $64.95
  • Birthday Ruby Crate — $64.95

Let’s look inside!

Our box opened to a handwritten card from Ruby Crate’s founder (Heidi Avery) and Chief Crate-ive Officer (Heidi’s teenage daughter, Sienna Avery). I don’t know if Heidi and Sienna tuck a card in every box but I really appreciate the personal touch. And I love how the card coordinates with the box and the packaging — the design, the colours and the quality of the materials all make a fantastic first impression.

Glow In The Dark Nee Doh

My kids have found these tucked in their Christmas stockings for a few years now and they’re always a hit. So fun to squeeze and stretch and fidget with. One of my daughter’s favourite items.

Ruby Crate sources about half of its products locally, including this next one made in Oakville, Ontario.

Bragabboutit Hand Stamped Custom Necklace

Ruby Crate had asked for my daughter’s name in advance of shipping our box and surprised us with a necklace with her first initial. We both love it!

Travel Cup

Honestly are there even any words? This cup is perfection! My daughter uses it every day.

Art Cards (8 in various designs)

For your walls, corkboards, locker (when kids can have lockers again) or even to use as postcards. I whooped with delight when I saw them but Lily here thought the images were kind of been there, done that. “You know how people clip them to string lights?” she asked. (Yes, yes I do and I love that!!) “That’s been so overdone.” Ah well.

DIY Bath Bombs Instructions and Silicone Molds

Lily and I had a great time making bath bombs at a workshop a few years ago so I thought she’d be all over these but she wasn’t interested. (“I’m more of a shower girl,” she said.) I still think they would be fun to try at home so I’m going to keep these handy for a rainy day activity.

… but we both love chocolate so we’ll definitely be trying the Yummy Chocolate Cups Recipe from Rosie’s Kitchen Co.

Blush Scrunchie

Not-so-secretly hoping Lily will share her Blush Scrunchie with me. Each one is handmade with satin that’s easy on the hair, super soft and totally on trend. Lily’s getting loads of use out of it.

Glam Queen! Mascara by Ruby May Cosmetics (Black)

Lily hasn’t tried it yet so the jury’s still out. I prefer a softer colour on her like brown or even brown/black but she likes sampling them all so I’m curious to see what she thinks.

Base Blue Makeup Sponge

This is still in the package too but I’m sure it’ll get used (either by Lily or me). It’s Lily’s first one.

Make Up Eraser Cloth (Clean White)

Fabulous inclusion! Does a great job (no additional products needed, just water!), easy on sensitive skin, machine washable and lasts for years.

Rebels Refinery 100% Natural Lip Balm (Key Lime)

Never enough lip balm IMHO and this one makes your lips feel soft and smells great. Plus super cute packaging!

Facetory Let’s Talk Detox Purifying Charcoal Mask

Are you still with me? TLDR? I know this post is long (I like to think epic ha ha) but the Spring Ruby Crate is packed with so many great things and I didn’t want to leave any out. (I should have photographed a few of them together. 🤦‍♀️) That said, I’ll just put the names of the last couple of products for you so you can click through and order the Summer Crate if you’re wanting to. (I don’t want you to miss out!)

Bella & Bear Ocean Spray Salt Scrub

Okay I just said I’d only list the names but I have to tell you Lily used this product and loved it! Said her skin felt super soft after.

Bella & Bear Ocean Spray Foaming Salt Scrub
Bubble T Peach Ice Tea Shower Gel

Ruby Crate is the first lifestyle subscription box I’ve seen for girls 10 to 17 and it’s WOW! AMAZING! Filled to the brim with so many fun, pampering and trendy products (plus two activities!) to enjoy all season long, packaged in a funky box that screams OPEN ME! Ruby Crate clearly knows what tweens and teens want ’cause they hit it out of the park with mine. We can’t even WAIT for the next one!!

Try Small Things –

Ruby Crate

Ruby Crate is a subscription box designed with tweens and teenage girls in mind. Sure to delight, it is filled with gems – treasures of beauty, style and self-expression to be enjoyed each season.

Use code YEAROFBOXES10OFF for 10% OFF your first box! Learn More about Ruby Crate »

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