See New Skincare Review July/August 2021

See New Skincare Box is a green beauty discovery service. This bi-monthly skincare subscription box is delivered to help you to discover cult favorites paired with new finds. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Every See New Skincare box features a fuss-free skincare routine from one featured brand. They help you experience the best of clean beauty through high quality products made with safe and skin-loving ingredients. Each box will feature 4-6 full-size products with a value and will sometimes include extra deluxe products as well. Their goal is to allow the subscriber to experience exactly what each brand has to offer in a full routine!

All products chosen meet strict ingredient standards and are good for both you and the environment. Each delivered product is at peak potency and efficacy meaning they guarantee the products sent are freshly made, directly from their brand partners, often by hand, just for the See New community. See New Skincare subscribers receive an exclusive 20% off discount on purchase from the See New online store too. And an extra charitable bonus is that each box purchased helps give back to the community through a chosen organization.

Subscription Details

See New Skincare is a bi-monthly subscription, meaning it’s sent every other month. The cost for each bi-monthly box is $47. Shipping is free for US customers, Canadian shipping is a flat charge of $14.99, and international shipping is a flat charge of $25. New boxes are shipped the 5th of January, March, May, July, September, & November.

July/August Box Details ($311 total value)

“The featured brand for July/August is Forest Rhapsody: They create sophisticated and highly intelligent skincare solutions that have the proven ability to deliver unparalleled long-term results, while delivering a transformative experience for your senses. At Forest Rhapsody, they formulate to perform and to delight.”

I haven’t heard of this lovely brand before which makes this box extra exciting to dig into! I love the sleek packaging and subtle colors and of course appreciate that every thing is packaged in glass. All the products are made with skin loving ingredients (most of which are organic, bonus!) and have such wonderful skin benefits.

Here’s a look at what’s in the box:

Dew Drops – Enzymatic Cleansing Gel ($69)

“Results: Cleanse// Nourish// Treat. Dew Drops is a dual-action cleanser that nourishes and feeds your skin as you cleanse. Diligently cleanse while lavishly treating your skin to a sensorial feast of nourishing ingredients, and doubles up as a treatment mask elegantly. The glorious golden texture of this gel-oil-milk is unlike any other, and it transforms the cleansing step into an efficacious yet much-deserved moment of indulgence.”

This is such a unique cleanser! It looks and has a texture kind of like aloe or a gel and it smells delightfully like bright citrus. I’m so curious how the gel acts as a cleanser since it’s said to be an oil/gel/milk. It sounds like you can use like an oil cleanser which is interesting since it looks and feels just like a gel. I love that it sounds pretty gentle, but has fruit based enzymes in it for extra (gentle) exfoliation. I can’t wait to try this one out!

Green Nectar – Marine Hydrator ($64)

“Results: Hydrate// Sooth// Plump. Liquid silk provides the most intensive and gratifying hydration for thirsty skin cells. It quenches and nourishes deeply, mirroring the ambrosial nectar that sustains life in the lush forest. A wonderful team player, Green Nectar can be layered with other mists, serums, moisturizers and oils to create multiple layers of light hydration, plumping and invigorating your skin. This marine extracts-infused hydrator absorbs like a dream, cushioning your skin in an ocean of moisture.”

I love that the blurb up there says this gives your skin an ocean of moisture – what a depictive description that makes me want to try this one out right away. I’m an ocean lover, so anything that mentions it draws me in immediately. Then of course the overall benefits and ingredients make this sound like a real skin treat. It’s a super hydrator for dry or lackluster skin made with things like aloe, kelp and floral extracts. It’s texture is so light and it smells so good, maybe like a citrus floral mix, or like flowers you’d find near the beach on warm day? Whatever it is, I like the scent a lot. My skin needs this one for sure so I can’t wait to see how it performs.

Thousand Petals – Flower Acid Resurfacing Mask ($52)

“Results: Renew// Regenerate// Revitalize. Thousand Petals is a powerful fusion of next generation flower acids, fruit acids and lactic acid, in a base of kaolin and bentonite. Peppered with exquisitely milled bamboo powder, this dual-action resurfacing mask gently polishes and peels to reveal brighter, petal-soft skin, through both chemical and physical action.
This creamy velvety mousse is formulated to be gentle yet highly efficacious, resulting in long-term results with minimal downtime – a regal treat for your skin.”

This sounds like a facial in a jar! I love getting masks in subscription boxes and this one sounds extra luxurious and full of benefits. It’s super easy to use since it’s a ready-to-go cream mask that looks just like a face lotion and applies just like one too, yet provides amazing exfoliation while it sets. When you’re ready to rinse it say to gently massage for an extra added mild exfoliation. It has a super milled texture that feels like it will work but also feels extra gentle for a physical exfoliator. It smells nice too, very light, but a pleasant hint of floral. I love masks and exfoliating so this mask is the perfect combo. Will be trying this one out right away.

Barrier Warrior – Multigrain Peptides + Ceramides Gel ($xx)

“Results: Repair// Revitalize// Restore. Harnessing the benefits of one of the most ancient and vital food groups, we created Barrier Warrior, a barrier fortifying gel that is rooted in the humble grain. Plant-based di- and tripeptides combine with a ceramide complex to support cellular proliferation and to protect your barrier, while a pioneering blend of grain-based humectants and botanicals keeps your skin intensely hydrated and supple. A combination of 16 antioxidants, brighteners and soothing agents work harmoniously to combat free radicals, even out skin tone and calm skin.”

This one sounds just as lovely as it looks! I just love the pale green color of this one, definitely adds to the appeal, but of course doesn’t overshadow the amazing benefits it has either. This lightweight moisturizer is like a smoothie for the skin. It’s full of skin loving peptides, cerimides and 16 antioxidants meant to fortify the skin barrier and nourish cells. It smells light, a bit like cucumber and has a nice, smooth texture. I like that this one is said to help calm skin and even out texture. That’s definitely something I appreciate from a moisturizer since it’s hard for me to keep inflammation at bay. Looking forward to seeing how it helps my skin out.

Good Earth – CoQ10 + Vitamins Thanaka Mask ($xx)

“Results: Purify// Nourish// Repair . Earthy, grounding and restorative. Good Earth’s powerful combination of thanaka bark powder, clay and honey purifies and detoxifies, while clinically-proven vitamins and CoQ10 nourish and help repair your skin. Supercharged with a blend of 13 antioxidants and brighteners, Good Earth is quintessentially a multi-purpose tool for blemish-prone skin to combat the stress of a modern lifestyle.”

Yay! Two masks in one box! Since I’m a mask lover this is great. I like that each has a different use and benefit so you can use them at different times of the week or month or when specific skin issues flair. This one sounds like a nourishment boost for skin while also providing detoxing benefits. Since I deal with acne flair ups I like that this one is formulated to be especially effective for that skin type. This mask is also a cream consistency mask, but without the physical exfoliating component. It smells more earthy and herbal, but still a very mild aroma. I like the idea of using this one more often since it helps nourish skin.

See New Skincare Review July/August 2021 – Final Thoughts

Wow! This is my very first time reviewing the See New Skincare box and I’m just so impressed! I am green beauty and conscious skincare obsessed so this box is right up my alley. I’ve always wanted to subscribe to a box that was just like this, in that they send highlighted products from a single brand’s line in each box, but had actually not checked one out yet. This one is absolutely perfect if that’s what you’re in the market for too. Reasons: incredible value (this box’s value is their highest to date), items that can work for multiple skin types, variety in the products chosen from the line and how the curators choose new, interesting and up and coming brands. I’d never even heard of Forest Rhapsody before and I consider myself pretty well versed in green beauty brands, so that makes this box extra special and fun! Overall, I’m excited to try out all the products in this month’s box and I’m now so curious what fabulous brand will come next!

The Botanic Gal –

See New Skincare

See New Skincare is a bi-monthly, cruelty-free, and vegan skincare subscription box featuring a 1 brand routine so you experience a fuss-free approach.

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