See New Skincare Review November/December 2021

See New Skincare Box is a green beauty discovery service. This bi-monthly skincare subscription box is delivered to help you to discover cult favorites paired with new finds. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Every See New Skincare box features a fuss-free skincare routine from one featured brand. They help you experience the best of clean beauty through high quality products made with safe and skin-loving ingredients. Each box will feature 4-6 full-size products with a value and will sometimes include extra deluxe products as well. Their goal is to allow the subscriber to experience exactly what each brand has to offer in a full routine!

All products chosen meet strict ingredient standards and are good for both you and the environment. Each delivered product is at peak potency and efficacy meaning they guarantee the products sent are freshly made, directly from their brand partners, often by hand, just for the See New community. See New subscribers receive an exclusive 20% off discount on purchase from the See New online store too. And an extra charitable bonus is that each box purchased helps give back to the community through a chosen organization.

Subscription Details

See New Skincare is a bi-monthly subscription, meaning it’s sent every other month. The cost for each bi-monthly box is $47. Shipping is free for US customers, Canadian shipping is a flat charge of $14.99, and international shipping is a flat charge of $25. New boxes are shipped the 5th of January, March, May, July, September, & November.

November/December Box Details ($230 total value)

“Tbg. believes in a straight path from the earth to your skin with a minimum of manipulation to keep all the strength nature has to offer.

A message from Tbg. founder: “I cannot handle harmful chemicals on my skin or alcohol. I remember rashes and acne after using some creams. It has always been hard to find products that work for me as I have sensitive skin. Therefore, I decided to create my own. To build a cosmetic line that will respect the earth as well as our skin. I believe in simple things- we do not need complicated formulas to have glowing skin. Nature has everything we need’’ – Caroline, Founder of Tbg.”

I haven’t heard of this brand before which makes me really excited to try it! I love that each of their products is created with only organic ingredients made from the earth’s offerings. They look luxurious with their monochromatic packaging and all of them smell incredible. From just a first glance (and sniff) I cannot wait to try them and learn more about each.

Here’s a look at what’s in the box:

Face Mask – SEA ($65)

“Full of micronutrients, honey combined with vitamin E, SEA is a gift from nature for deep moisturizing and brightening of your skin. Spirulina, the deep blue treasure of this concoction, is known to be a superfood and full of vitamins was specially chosen to eliminate toxins and to increase the rejuvenation of your skin. This smooth combination is a great way to fight aging and provide oxygen to your skin.”

Anything that nods reference to water or the sea hooks me right away. I would buy all the sea skincare if I could so I’m excited to find this Sea Face Mask in this month’s box. The ingredients all sound so nourishing to the skin (much like the sea is to the soul), especially the spirulina which gives it it’s deep ocean color and the honey which is an ingredient I’m often drawn to for skincare. It smells earthy and a bit sweet due to the honey. I’m definitely trying this one out first!

Face Mask – LAVA ($60)

“Honor your face with a combination of organic cacao and vivid turmeric blended with Vitamin E for an effusion of beauty. Cacao known for boosting circulation has been combined with honey, which is a powerful natural ingredient that helps the skin retain moisture without feeling oily, creating a perfect combination for tissue regeneration. The vivid turmeric has been delicately sprinkled into the mixture for its valuable antioxidant properties, leaving you with a glowing face.”

I love face masks so much that I’m thrilled to find another in this month’s box. This one will be great for giving skin an antioxidant boost and helping to gently reduce inflammation from the addition of turmeric. If I’m being honest, this one smells even better than the Sea mask, it really smells good enough to eat. Just like a chocolate orange candy. Yum! I’m sure this mask is going to be just as good as the above.

Hair Serum – SUNRAY ($32)

“Most women experience hair thinning, either after pregnancy or due to stress levels. Men also often see their hair getting thinner with age. This elixir combines multiple ingredients, each one chosen specifically for stronger and thicker hair. Sunray utilizes the powerful ingredient burdock, which has many amazing benefits for your hair and scalp. This includes anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin A to promote a nourished scalp, and many others!.”

I love that this hair serum is more of a treatment serum and not just for taming flyaways. I feel like I’ve had some thinning hair issues recently so this product is perfect for me to try out. I’m thinking it would be good to apply before bed and then rinse in the morning? But still have some research to do on that. It smells bright and citrus-y (hence the name) with an herbal-y undertone. I’m so intrigued to test this one out and see if it improves strength and growth.

Body Scrub – EARTH ($35)

“Treat your body, offering this organic coffee and cinnamon blend boosted with vitamin E, which offers a powerful antioxidant and skin protector. The coffee has been specially selected to help your skin fight pollution and regenerate its cells. Sugar, a gentle exfoliator, has been combined with cinnamon which helps minimize your pores for a smoother appearance. Coconut oil, a natural emollient, has been added to offer your skin smoothness and hydration, leaving a fresh scent after each use.”

Body scrubs are another favorite product to receive and are extra versatile as nearly all skin types can benefit from them. I can tell this body scrub will be such a treat. Not only does the texture just look so inviting it also smells like a perfectly brewed cuppa coffee. The perfect way to start a day for sure. I also must to note that I love the large jar size of these products, it makes them look extra luxurious and chic.

Face Scrub – GOLD ($38)

“Apply this golden organic honey scrub to offer your face a smooth and silky treat. Mixed with vitamin C, a collagen booster, and a natural antioxidant, this blend perfectly complements your skincare routine. The Lemon, full of vitamin C which helps rejuvenate your skin, is also an organic alkaline product that helps eliminate acne.”

I’m so glad they paired the above body scrub with a face scrub for a whole body spa experience. This scrub seems just as delightful as the body scrub, though has a totally different smell and benefit. I love that honey shines again as a star ingredient and that it’s paired with lemon giving it a bright, tart and sweet aroma that like the Lava Mask, smells good enough to eat. I tend to prefer smaller scrubbing crystals when using a scrub on my face, but the text does actually feel pretty soft on this one so I’m still excited to try it out.

See New Skincare Review November/December 2021 – Final Thoughts

I absolutely love this month’s See New Skincare box! Aside from the incredible products themselves, which I could gush on about due to their thoughtful ingredients and beautiful packaging, I’m just so happy about the type of products they included too. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying out new serums, moisturizers and cleansers, but I truly appreciate that this month’s box didn’t include any of those. It’s clear they thought about how the subscriber would be using past products they received so they sent a line that included items that would enhance a skincare collection, rather than overwhelm it. Plus, I think it’s great that they expanded even further than the face and included a haircare and body product too. I’m so glad to have been introduced to this brand through this box and look forward to trying everything out. Oh, and I think it goes without saying, but the products from the box and the box itself would each make truly fantastic gifts!

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