SoKawaii Review December 2019

SoKawaii is a monthly subscription delivering cute and kawaii goodies straight to your doorstep! Each month subscribers will receive 6-8 kawaii items including plushies, figurines, stationary, household items, and more. Boxes start at $35 a month and include free worldwide shipping. They kindly sent me the December box for review.

Box Details: If you’re a kawaii lifestyle lover, or just enjoy cute items, then SoKawaii is for you! Receive 6-8 kawaii items including plushies, figurines, stationary, accessories, household items, toys and so much more. SoKawaii is based in Japan and they carefully select trendy and authentic (licensed) Japanese items to include each month!

SoKawaii Packages:

  • Monthly Plan: $35
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $100.50 ($33.50 per box)
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $192 ($32 per box)
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $378 ($31.50 per box)

Shipping: Free Worldwide Shipping

Here’s a closer look at the items I received this month….

December Theme – Magical Christmas

Included in every SoKawaii box is a detailed card describing the monthly theme and each item this month.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Junior High School Uniform – Special Figure

This month’s SoKawaii came in a much bigger box than usual and it’s all because of this special Cardcaptor Sakura anime figurine! I was a huge Cardcaptor Sakura fan when I was in elementary school – it’s actually one of the very first anime shows I became mesmerized with as a kid! This figurine features Sakura with her bestie, Kero-chan, making it a great collector’s item.

Sanrio Christmas Edition Plushie

This month’s plushie item is the Sanrio Christmas Edition Plushie. Subscribers will receive one of 6 possible Sanrio designs. I received an adorable Pompompurin decked out in a bright red Santa suit. Each plushie comes with a detachable chain, so you can hang them up on your Christmas tree!

Sanrio Hair Brush

Kawaii-ify your morning with this Sanrio Hair Brush! Subscribers will receive on of 2 possible designs, with each brush featuring sparkling movable glitter in the handles. This reminds me a lot of a toy hairbrush made for dolls, but despite its looks, it works fairly well in detangling hair.

Pokemon Furoshiki

Subscribers will receive a furoshiki in one of 4 possible festive Pokemon designs. Furoshiki is essentially a decorative cloth that is meant to be wrapped around a gift and it’s definitely a technique I want to learn. Japan has a strong wrapping culture, so use this to wrap up a present for your loved ones this season!

Sanrio Food Bags

These adorable Sanrio Food Bags can be used to store leftovers or hold snacks for on-the-go! Subscribers will receive either a My Melody or My Little Twin Stars design.

Sanrio Eco Bag

The Sanrio Eco Bag is a foldable and easily transportable reusable bag. Take this along when grocery shopping to help save the environment and in style, too!

SoKawaii December 2019 Review – Final Thoughts

December’s SoKawaii box felt lackluster with several misses, especially compared to the previous months. There were more novelty items this month that are great as collector’s items, but they’re not very functional or useful. I’m excited to see what next month has in store. My favorite items this month were the Sanrio Eco Bag and the Sanrio Christmas Plushie!

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SoKawaii is a monthly box full of 100% official cute items specially curated for you, coming directly from Japan!

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