Sparkle Hustle Grow Review June 2024

If you’re a woman who owns or runs a business of any kind and you haven’t experienced Sparkle Hustle Grow yet, you’re in the right place. 

It’s more than just (a pretty pink!) box though. The box always comes brimming with really useful, cute, and fun to use office supplies, books, and tools that make running a business a lot more enjoyable. But beyond the cool stuff, it also always includes a monthly training, access to a vibrant community of other like-minded entrepreneurs, and bonus resources to help you grow your business. 

I’m excited to show you what’s inside the June Sparkle Hustle Grow box.

They kindly sent us this box for review.

Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Details

Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs.

Each box includes 4-6 items like books, chic office supplies, and tech gadgets. In addition to the physical items, subscribers also get access to an online business training based around the theme of the month, and a vibrant online community. They ship to both the US and Canada.

  • BONUS: You can write this off as a business expense! #BestBusinessExpenseEver

Unboxing the June 2024 Sparkle Hustle Grow Box

Let’s have a closer look at what was inside the June 2024 Sparkle Hustle Grow box…

This month’s theme is “Your Money Mindset.”  This theme gets a huge thumbs up from me because what entrepreneur doesn’t need to work on their money mindset?  Honestly, it’s such a critical part of running a successful business. Each Sparkle Hustle Grow box is curated around the theme, starting with the workbook.

The Workbook: this booklet is your guide to the membership and box each month. It includes everything you’ll need to get full use of your subscription each month – including a “Take Action Checklist.” I’m a checklist gal, and I love that this walks me through all the things that I can do within my membership to really make forward progress.

Online Training: Each box comes with an exclusive online training based on the theme. This month’s training is “Rewire Yourself for Wealth with the Power of EFT Tapping” by Karen Berzanski.  Ok, this hits a personal note for me because I’ve been using EFT tapping for several years and have found it to be an incredibly powerful way to overcome physical, mental, and emotional challenges.  In this specific training, you’ll learn how to transcend subconscious money programming to reshape and redefine your relationship with money. Heck, yes! 

My Money My Way by Kumiko Love: Every month Sparkle Hustle Grow includes a new book in the box.  This month, the book they’re featuring is written by the guest expert of the month, Maria Ross. It’s a playbook for brands, leaders, and teams to harness the value of compassion as an engine for success.

Always love the branded bookmark and reading guide they print on the back. This month they switched it up, instead of having a reading guide for what chapter to read each day, they have a condensed version for those who are short on time. They’ve highlighted the most important chapters to read this month. I LOVE that! 

Crossbody Belt Bag: Yes, yes, yes! I love this bag. I especially like how versatile it is – you can wear it around the hip or across the shoulder. It has an adjustable strap so it can be worn in a variety of ways. I got the dusty rose color (which is my favorite color this season!) but I believe they included a variety of colors in the June box.  They also included a 20% discount code to grab other colors in their shop! Love this as a gift idea for a friend.

Phone Strap: The number of times I could have used this in life is too many to count! Such a smart idea. This phone charm loops through any opening on your phone case to add a trendy safeguard against dropping while taking a photo or video chatting. Also love that this comes from a woman and Latina-owned brand, Ellie Rose. Love seeing women solve problems through their products like this! 

Wellness Subscription from enVol: This card grants 3-month access to the enVol wellness app. Filled with meditations, breath work, affirmations, and more to help cope with stress, brighten your mood, and build resilience and confidence. This is cool – I haven’t heard of this company before, but I’m looking forward to checking it out.  I noticed that it said on the card it was made in connection with Therabox, which is another subscription box in our directory so it did have me curious. 

Giant Paper Clip: Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference and for me, this is one of them! I love, love, love these oversized paperclips for organizing things on my desk. The colors are so pretty and these are a fun twist on something super useful. 

Sparkle Hustle Grow Review June 2024 – Final Thoughts

I would say this is another win for Sparkle Hustle Grow.  I’m really looking forward to reading My Money My Way and organizing some of the projects on my desk with the giant paperclips (I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to use them?!).  The belt bag is perfect for summer and the phone strap will save my phone camera from cracking for the millionth time – such a thoughtful curation. 

It doesn’t really matter what stage of business you’re in, Sparkle Hustle Grow always has something for everyone. The community is also a great place to network and collaborate with others who just get it. We rise by lifting others, right?  

If you’re a biz baddy or have a pal who is, and want to try or gift Sparkle Hustle Grow, you can get your first box for 50% off with code AYOB50 at checkout.  Such a no-brainer way to try it out for yourself!  

-AYOB Jessica

Sparkle Hustle Grow

Sparkle Hustle Grow is a monthly subscription box and online community for female entrepreneurs. It's for the the go-getter, the CEO, the side hustler. As seen in Forbes, Us Weekly, Brit + Co, USA Today, Buzzfeed.

Use code AYOB50 for 50% OFF your first box! Learn More about Sparkle Hustle Grow »

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