The Crafter’s Box Review December 2022

The Crafter’s Box is a subscription service that aims to deliver a joyful crafting experience right to your doorstep by providing all the materials, tools, and expert instruction you need to complete each month’s project. This subscription is perfect for those looking to explore new crafts, learn new artistic styles, or expand their personal creative boundaries. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

Each The Crafter’s Box is thoughtfully curated in collaboration with the featured artist or maker. Subscribers will receive high end materials and tools needed to complete the project, as well as access to the accompanying digital workshop and live/recorded Q&A chat led by the featured maker. Crafter’s Box also hosts a marketplace where you can purchase past workshop kits, premium workshops, digital classes, and tools and supplies.

Subscriptions cost $65 per month with cost savings for those opting for longer term subscriptions. Boxes ship for a flat rate of $6.50 within the United States, $20 to Canada, and $30 internationally. The Crafter’s Box is unique in that it offers subscribers the option to skip or swap out a box if the upcoming box theme is not of interest. Love this kind of flexibility in a subscription!

Clamshell Box with Fine Art Paper

“Create a truly special keepsake box to store all of your trinkets, postcards, and heirlooms. Bari Zaki, of Bari Zaki Studio, teaches every step of crafting your own clamshell box using decadent bookcloth and Japanese paper that has been pre-cut so you can jump right into making. This specific box design has a 4-sided tray with a panel piece that attaches the lid, like a clamshell.”

Each box contains a folded card describing the project and introducing the maker. It also lists all the materials inside the box, and any additional materials to have at home if needed.

Let’s take a closer look at everything included in this kit:

Bookboard Custom Set with Hinge and Corner Spacer

These custom board pieces are pre-cut for you, they will make up the framework of the box. The included hinge and corner spacer will help you create the perfect measurements for the dimensions of the box. So convenient!

Paper and Cover Cloth

Subscribers may select their choice of colourway. These include paper for your tray, interior panel, and interior bottom, and cloth for your cover and spine. The patterns and colours are timeless and gorgeous! I especially like the green and gold combination.

Bridled Glue Brush and PVA Glue

PVA glue is a glue that can be used to bind a wide variety of materials. Apply the glue with the included bridled brush.


A 6″ piece of ribbon is included that will be used as a decorative closure for the box.

Bone Folder and Craft Knife

They even included a bone folder and craft knife to help with cutting and folding the paper!

10″ Triangle Ruler

Triangle ruler to measure out your paper and to ensure you get your angles right.

Drafting Dots, Elmer’s Glue and Cotton Swab

The kit includes a few more supplies that will help you assemble the box easily. Small things that you never think you need but yet make such a difference.

Final Thoughts

I love this The Crafter’s Box project and can’t wait to sit down one weekend to complete it. I think the box will look so pretty on my desk for all kinds of knick knacks, and with the straightforward and detailed instructions included in the accompanying video, I am sure it will turn out quite nicely. The kit includes everything you could possibly need with the exception of some common household objects such as scissors and scrap paper. They even included a cotton swab! Haha. Great box for anyone looking for a fun weekend activity!

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