The Crafter’s Box

Shipping since: August 2016
$65 Per Month
The Crafter's Box was designed for those who love to craft and create.
Shipping: $6.50 US, varies internationally
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
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Box Details:

The Crafter’s Box was designed for those who love to craft and create. Each time you get a box, you’ll receive curated, high-quality materials and an expert-led video tutorial so you can explore mediums like weaving, painting, candle-making, and more. Your membership is customizable allowing you to choose your frequency and your workshops so you can guide your own creative journey.

Additonal Info:

Your The Crafter’s Box membership includes:

  • A curated box of materials with everything you need to make the craft
  • Access to the digital tutorial
  • Downloadable written instructions
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How does The Crafter’s Box membership work?

Welcome! We’ve built this membership community to be a slow crafting reminder of how important it is to feed our creative spirits. This project is also meant as a sustainable solution to support artists, small family businesses, and our quality manufacturers by providing them with advanced lead times through a monthly subscription model.

By joining our subscription, you’re opting into a monthly, curated craft project and to learn a new artistic style, to fully build out your crafting toolbox, and to explore your own personal creative boundaries!

We offer Memberships (billed monthly, 3-month, and 6-month subscriptions) and our Marketplace (with past workshops, premium workshops, materials kits, and raw materials).

With a monthly subscription, you can always pause, reactivate, skip, swap, or cancel your subscription within your account. 3- and 6-month subscriptions have the option to swap boxes in the middle of their subscription cycle; however, pauses or skips are not available in the middle of your 3-month subscription.

Please note that your payment information will be charged at the time of signing up and then again on the 8th of the month after that.

We’ve built our projects with an 18+ audience in mind – kits can contain sharp tools and dangerous materials. See our terms & conditions for more information.

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