The Crafter’s Box Review February 2023

The Crafter’s Box is a subscription service that aims to deliver a joyful crafting experience right to your doorstep by providing all the materials, tools, and expert instruction you need to complete each month’s project. This subscription is perfect for those looking to explore new crafts, learn new artistic styles, or expand their personal creative boundaries.

They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

Each The Crafter’s Box is thoughtfully curated in collaboration with the featured artist or maker. Subscribers will receive high end materials and tools needed to complete the project, as well as access to the accompanying digital workshop and live/recorded Q&A chat led by the featured maker. Crafter’s Box also hosts a marketplace where you can purchase past workshop kits, premium workshops, digital classes, and tools and supplies.

Subscriptions cost $65 per month with cost savings for those opting for longer term subscriptions. Boxes ship for a flat rate of $6.50 within the United States, $20 to Canada, and $30 internationally. The Crafter’s Box is unique in that it offers subscribers the option to skip or swap out a box if the upcoming box theme is not of interest. Love this kind of flexibility in a subscription!

Hand-Wrapped Panel with Cotton Cord

“Let your creativity soar as you play with pattern, color, and gorgeous fibers to create a hand-wrapped geometric piece of art. This craft is a fresh way to work with yarns and allows for building and customizing the pattern to your personal taste. Liz Wagner, Creative Director at The Crafter’s Box, shares techniques to wrap, knot, and weave yarn around a structured grid panel to create varying texture, shapes, and dimensions.”

Each The Crafter’s Box contains a folded card describing the project and introducing the maker. It also lists all the materials inside the box, and any additional materials to have at home if needed.

As someone who loves knitting and yarn collecting, I am so excited for this project! Really looking forward to learning a new craft that allows me to play with yarn.

Let’s take a closer look at everything included in this kit:

Metal Grid and Custom Wood Frames

These frames are what you will use as the base for the project. The custom wood frame is created specifically for this project by local San Diego woodworkers. You can use it to display your piece.

Cotton Warp Cord

This cotton cord is the overall foundation layer for your project. You can wrap the other fibers around it to create your piece.

Yarn Selection

A selection of yarns in different colours is provided. I love this neutral colour combo!

6″ Plywood Shuttle and Tapestry Needle

The kit includes a plywood shuttle and tapestry needle to help you weave and wrap your yarn.

Thread Snips

The kit even includes thread snips to help you cleanly and efficiently cut your yarn. I am really loving this little tool! You can also use larger scissors if desired.

Super Glue and Binder Clips

This super glue is selected to work best with the yarn.

Blank Grid Template

Finally, there is a blank template that you can use to sketch out your design.

Final Thoughts

This is an entirely new craft to me and I am so excited to try it! It seems simple enough for a quick weekend project, and the end result is a nice piece of home decor that is so pretty. I will definitely be digging into my yarn stash and making more pieces once I’ve learnt the techniques from this workshop.

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