The Maple Box Review Spring 2021

The Maple Box is a curated “True North organic living” collection for the body, mind, spirit and home. Each quarterly box is filled with socially-conscious, luxury, organic and natural products from mostly Canadian makers. They aim to inspire consuming with intention. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each The Maple Box is seasonally relevant, with their Winter and Autumn editions ensuring you get in a cozy frame of mind, while the Spring and Summer editions are sure to rejuvenate and enliven, inside and out. Each hand-picked product is made with love, intention, and of the highest quality by mostly Canadian makers. They ensure the makers of each of their selected products draw on the wisdom of nature, as it’s this wisdom that can enliven and sustain you through the harsh, rugged beauty of the northern climate. Items may include organic and natural body and skin care, natural and organic edible (and drinkable) items, organic lifestyle accessories and tools, and of course they always include copy of Maple magazine, their in-house produced magazine celebrating the value of a non-disrupted printed page in the digital age.

Each seasonal edition is packed with at least 7 full-sized sustainable + eco-friendly products with a value over $230. Products are selected from small and medium-sized makers with a focus on woman-owned and BIPOC-owned brands. They place great importance on aligning with like-minded sustainable brands creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, they are inspired by their surroundings to feature products and brands that nurture life in the True North. The majority of the products selected are made in Canada, and everything is seasonally relevant and luxurious and always in line with our quality standards, aesthetic and ethos. Along those value lines, their team also takes great care in packaging each box in the most sustainable way possible.

Subscription Details

There are three payment options for The Maple Box that include free shipping in Canada:

  • Quarterly: $118 per box, billed every three months
  • Annual: $112 per box, or $448 billed annually
  • Monthly: $132 per box, or $44 billed monthly, but boxes are still sent quarterly

The seasonal editions are sent out four times per year. As a subscriber, expect to receive a Winter edition in early January, a Spring edition in April, a Summer edition in July, and an Autumn edition in October.

Spring Box Details

“The Spring Rejuvenation Box: This season we bring you a sparkling lineup of goods from (mostly) Canadian makers that will be sure to revive, revitalize and invigorate. I decided to focus (by popular demand) on skin and body care with this edition, as many of us have been spending endless hours in front of screens. Our poor faces can probably use a little TLC, followed by some time outside, breathing in deeply the scents of spring.”

Here’s a look at what’s in this quarter’s The Maple Box ($214 total value):

Box Insert

Each quarterly The Maple Box includes a beautiful insert to help take you on a journey to learn the stories behind each product that they select. It includes a welcome note, the product information and value, how to use each and a bit about the brands and creators. Also included are exclusive discount codes for many of the products so you can repurchase anything you love.

Harmonic Arts superfood-based elixir blends (Elevate or Activate or Golden Mylk) ($26)

“From Vancouver-Island based leader in herbal and plant medicine, a selection of soothing, energizing and enlivening elixirs that will be sure to put a little extra bounce in your step. Adding nourishing medicinal mushrooms, herbs and superfoods to your daily routine. Formulated by a clinical herbalist with specific wellness features in mind. All organic ingredients, and blended without sweeteners, so that you can customize and add your own choice of milk as well as sweetener. The cellulose bags inside each canister are 100% compostable.”

This elixir blend sounds so delicious, and also nourishing. Out of the three options, I received the Elevate blend which is a creamy cardamon flavored beverage made with lion’s mane (for focus and memory), mucuna pruriens (for stress management), lotus pollen (for nourishing the body and mind), lucuma (or skin health) and cardamom (for digestive harmony). I imaging this tasting somewhat like chai, which I love, so I can’t wait to try this out. It would make a great morning beverage.

EvioBeauty Perfect Facial Primer ($29)

“EVIO facial primer; founded by Brandi Leifso, recently named top 25 woman of influence for 2020. In 2012 Brandi was living in a women’s safe house in Vancouver when she decided it was time to pursue her dream of launching a beauty line. Seven years later, she remains one of the youngest CEOs in Toronto with a valued clean beauty company. A dollar from every product sold is donated to her not-for-profit partner, Canadian Women’s Foundation. This particular product, the Pore-fect Primer is a gender-neutral priming moisturizer that smooths imperfections and protects skin all day. Silicone-free and packed with a blend of oils and extracts to soothe the skin, minimize the appearance of pores, while reducing redness. Made with avocado oil for moisture and olive fruit oil that contains a high level of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E that moisturize, protect, and nourish.”

I don’t generally use primers, but I think that’s because I’ve never really sought them out to try them and because most have silicones in them, which I try to avoid. This is perfect that one just showed up for me to test out so I can see if I like them. I mean, who doesn’t want a bit smoother more refined skin? It’s made with clean, natural ingredients and promises a matte finish. This will be fun to try out.

Woodlot Nourishing Facial Toner ($35)

“From Vancouver-based husband and wife owned brand, is one of our favourite nourishing water-based hyaluronic acid essences, this delivers ingredients directly into the skin after cleansing. A deeply hydrating blend of rose water, witch hazel and probiotic radish root ferment make this treatment the ultimate in tightening and soothing. Mist and gently press into the skin, follow-up with moisturizer and oil. Make way for radiant skin.”

I’ve been wanting to try something from this brand for a long time so I was really happy to find this product when I opened the box. It’s a lightweight, hydrating toner made with hyaluronic acid and rose water and it just smell so lovely. I can’t exactly put my finger on it’s aroma, but I just can’t stop smelling it. This will be a wonderful addition to my skincare routine.

Imaya, Retinoic Face Oil ($60)

“From woman-owned, Toronto-based Imaya Beauty is their singular star product, Retinoic Face Oil. Made from 100% sustainably wild harvested Aguaje oil, a blend of aguaje varietals to craft an oil rich in provitamin A. Leaves the skin radiant and soft, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun spots and blemishes. Suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin. Imaya Beauty was founded in collaboration with the Kokama community in Peru to help preserve the biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest. The Aguaje oil is hand-extracted by Amazonian women and harvested without cutting down trees. Important note; the Aguaje oil is deeply pigmented, please allow 10-20 minutes for the oil to be absorbed into the skin and please wash your hands well, after application. The pigment of the oil comes from the super-potent active ingredient.”

Oh, this sounds so interesting! I have never heard of this type of face oil, or this company before, so I am so intrigued to try this out. Made simply from Aguaje Oil, it’s said to be a fast absorbing face oil that’s one of the richest sources of vitamin A in the world. It smells very earthy and a bit woodsy and does have a bright yellow tint so I can see why it’s suggested to allow ample absorbing time. My esthetician has suggested retinol/vitamin A before and I’ve been meaning to add it to my skincare regimen so this all-natural version will be awesome to try out.

Nala Care Free-Free Deodorant (Peppermint Charcoal or Lemon Myrtle or Sandlewood Bergamot) ($30)

“Developed by mother-daughter entrepreneur duo, comes Nala Care, free-from skincare. Losing a vital member of their family to cancer was the impetus for a deep inquiry into the realities of health and well-being. Leveraging their backgrounds in biotech engineering and technology, they developed a line of deodorants free-from the worst offenders in the cosmetic world. We love that each deodorant is created with a pleasing, fresh and non-invasive natural fragrance. Each box will be receive one of their best-selling original free-from deodorants; Peppermint & Charcoal Detox, Lemon Myrtle & Geranium or Sandalwood & Bergamot. Ingredients nourish, moisturize and repair delicate underarm skin. With daily use, one stick lasts between 3-6 months.”

I’ve actually tried this all-natural deodorant before and loved it so I am so excited to find it in this season’s box. Not only is it beautifully packaged, but it’s on my list of deodorants that actually work. Out of the three options I received the Lemon Myrtle & Geranium (which in itself just sounds fancy) and it smells so delightful. It’s fresh, bright and a bit grounding with it’s hint of citrus and herbal geranium notes. I love the inspiration behind the product and really connect with their message of healing and caring for ourselves.

Garden of Life, Dr. Formulated Magnesium ($7)

“Dr. Formulated Whole Food Magnesium powder is a delicious, fizzy drink to help calm and relax, and restore your body’s optimal magnesium levels. Formulated with organic brown rice protein magnesium chelate, as well as live probiotics (1 billion CFU!) to support healthy digestion and regularity. We love this fizzy drink before bed for a restorative sleep, but also excellent after a challenging run or for stiff muscles. May be helpful for those of you that clench your jaws or suffer from headaches. Non-GMO, vegan and sugar-free.”

I have been looking for good ways to up my magnesium since it helps with so many issues and so many people (myself included) are low in their levels of it. I can tell it helps with my sleep, which has been a big focus for me lately so I’m really intrigued to try this out to see if I can further increase my restful sleep.

The Unscented Company Shampoo Bar ($15)

“Have you jumped on the shampoo-bar bandwagon? It’s such an easy an effective way to not only get squeaky-clean hair but to reduce your use of plastic and unnecessary transportation of water. Well, we test-drove this bar, from Montreal-based The Unscented Company. Made from 100% plant and mineral-based ingredients. To keep your bar around for a while, allow to dry between washes and away from humidity. Stored properly, each bar should last between 50-75 washes, that’s equivalent to 1liter of shampoo and takes approximately 2 plastic bottles out of circulation. Leaping bunny certified, never tested on animals. Made in Canada.”

I love trying out shampoo bars so this item is great! I’m always so intrigued by these type of products at how they can accomplish the same thing as regular shampoo. I love that this one is completely plastic free and saves so much waste. It’s also made with wonderful natural ingredients and like the name says, has no scent. Great for those with sensitive skin.

Patience Fruit Co. Sour Cran Snacks ($4)

“When fruit is like candy! We love this innovative candy-like snack from one of our favourite Canadian brands, Patience Fruit Co. They’ve taken dried cranberries and transformed them into a low-sugar, very high fiber (don’t forget to drink your water!), naturally-flavoured treat. Available in Strawberry, Cherry and Peach. Kids and adults enjoy. Each box will contain one of the three flavours.”

Yum! These sound so, so tasty. Out of the flavor options I received strawberry, which is great because I love strawberry flavored things, but would have been happy with any of them. It looks like candy at first glance, but is actually fancy dried fruit! These cranberries will make a great snack for a sweets craving. I’m sure I’ll have to share these with my daughter, she’ll love them. We both can’t wait to try them out.

Maple Magazine ($8)

Each quarterly The Maple Box also includes the current edition of Maple Magazine. The Spring Issue is refreshing and uplifting to coincide with what’s occurring in nature. It includes new finds for the season, interviews with wellness, health and nature loving individuals, highlights of intriguing Canadian companies, along with health and wellness information. It’s beautifully designed and interesting to read. I am obsessed with magazines and love that I’m introduced to some Canadian lifestyle through this one!

The Maple Box Review Spring 2021 – Final Thoughts

You know, I just keep thinking that I’ve already found the best of the best subscription boxes and then I find one like this! This is my first time reviewing The Maple Box and it is just so fantastic, it’s immediately found a spot on my favorites list with it’s conscious, eco-minded, nature inspired beauty-loving take on a box. First of all, I’m so excited to be introduced to products from Canadian businesses. I’ve never visited and think this this such a fun way to experience small businesses from up north while living way down south. Secondly, like I mentioned, I am obsessed with magazines so I love that this box is curated by a magazine company. I mean, magazines always know the must-have, must-try things so this pairing makes total sense. So of course I love the reading material that comes with it, but also, the selection of items is amazing. This season’s theme is a good one with refreshing and rejuvenating items for the body an mind. Spring is one of my favorite times of year because of the rebirth that happens so I appreciate that the items included inspire that state of mind. I love how luxurious the curation feels, how lovely the packaging is and how fun the unboxing experience was. I will most certainly be using everything included and cannot wait to see what the summer box has in store!

The Botanic Gal –

The Maple Box

The Maple Box is a quarterly subscription box of luxury organic and natural goods from North American makers, curated by Maple co-founder and editor-in-chief of Maple magazine.

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