The Maple Box Review Summer 2021

The Maple Box is a curated “True North organic living” collection for the body, mind, spirit and home. Each quarterly box is filled with socially-conscious, luxury, organic and natural products from mostly Canadian makers. They aim to inspire consuming with intention. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each The Maple Box is seasonally relevant, with their Winter and Autumn editions ensuring you get in a cozy frame of mind, while the Spring and Summer editions are sure to rejuvenate and enliven, inside and out. Each hand-picked product is made with love, intention, and of the highest quality by mostly Canadian makers.

They ensure the makers of each of their selected products draw on the wisdom of nature, as it’s this wisdom that can enliven and sustain you through the harsh, rugged beauty of the northern climate. Items may include organic and natural body and skin care, natural and organic edible (and drinkable) items, organic lifestyle accessories and tools, and of course they always include copy of Maple magazine, their in-house produced magazine celebrating the value of a non-disrupted printed page in the digital age.

Each seasonal edition is packed with at least 7 full-sized sustainable + eco-friendly products with a value over $230. Products are selected from small and medium-sized makers with a focus on woman-owned and BIPOC-owned brands. They place great importance on aligning with like-minded sustainable brands creating a positive social and environmental impact.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, they are inspired by their surroundings to feature products and brands that nurture life in the True North. The majority of the products selected are made in Canada, and everything is seasonally relevant and luxurious and always in line with our quality standards, aesthetic and ethos. Along those value lines, their team also takes great care in packaging each box in the most sustainable way possible.

Subscription Details

There are three payment options for The Maple Box that include free shipping in Canada:

  • Quarterly: $118 per box, billed every three months
  • Annual: $112 per box, or $448 billed annually
  • Monthly: $132 per box, or $44 billed monthly, but boxes are still sent quarterly

The seasonal editions are sent out four times per year. As a subscriber, expect to receive a Winter edition in early January, a Spring edition in April, a Summer edition in July, and an Autumn edition in October.

Summer Box Details

“It’s the season to kick back, relax and restore yourself, particularly this year. The summer edition is also aptly named, the Happy Summer edition. This collection feels bright and uplifting. Of course with the launch of our new candle, Happy Hour, but also with the collection of 100% Canadian brands—a pair of skin care rejuvenators to help soothe and nourish your summer face, a beautiful organic tea, a huge and gorgeous handmade soap, a pair of cheerful Swedish cloths and of course, a sweet treat. All in all, feels practical yet light-hearted.”

Here’s a look at what’s in this quarter’s The Maple Box ($214 total value):

Box Insert

Each quarterly The Maple Box includes a beautiful insert to help take you on a journey to learn the stories behind each product that they select. It includes a welcome note, the product information and value, how to use each and a bit about the brands and creators. Also included are exclusive discount codes for many of the products so you can repurchase anything you love.


“Meet the newest member of our collection of luxury, non-synthetic candle collection, Happy Hour. Happy Hour feels like what we all need, not just this summer, but from now on! It’s time to celebrate the little things and honour the moments that spark joy. Take a moment to breathe a little deeper and experience olfactory bliss. Developed together with a European perfumer, Happy Hour is the scent of sun-kissed berries and currants. Whimsical with a sense of depth. Accords of Greek Cypress, Moroccan Rosemary, French Lavender, Star Anis and Siberian Fir elevate the conversation. These layers mingle harmoniously with enlivening Grapefruit, Tangerine with a touch of Spanish basil. It’s uplifting, inviting and very unique. What makes Happy Hour extra special is that it’s the first in our collection to be poured from our own studio. Hand-poured in Vancouver, British Columbia.”

This chic candle smells just too good to put in words! Like the name “Happy Hour” might suggest, it’s bright, citrus-y, berry-fresh and ultra-carefree, yet it has sophisticated notes from the earthy evergreen and herbals. It’s like a seasoned and crafty bartender created artwork out of a cocktail – then of course turned it into a candle. Perfect for these luscious late summer evenings. I’ll be burning this one quite often, I’m sure.


“The second feature from our friends at Somerset Moss, since you all loved their last product with us. This facial mist is fantastic because it’s truly filled with active ingredients. Infused with essential oils like Jasmine and Cedarwood, it contains moistureboosting hyaluronic acid, White Willow bark (which contains salicylic acid and perfect for healing any congestion), as well as Maca root to brighten and replenish dull thirsty skin. After cleansing, apply with a cotton pad to achieve an effective doublecleanse with benefits. Made in British Columbia.”

What a beautiful face mist! The packaging is just so lovely with the gold florals and the mist itself is surely a skin treat. It smells amazing, top notes of jasmine, but then rounded undertones of warm, bright and grounding earthy herbal scents. It’s really a comforting aroma. The scent along with it’s skin-nourishing benefits will surely make this a great addition to my skincare routine. I wasn’t reviewing the box when they sent the other product from this line, but am now so curious to check it out too. In the meantime I cannot wait to try this one out!


“Made by a boutique soap maker based “deep in the trees” near Athabaska, Alberta. They’ve been handmaking and curing soap for over 20 years. The owner, Karen, creates all bath products made only from local ingredients. If local ingredients are not available, she grows them with filtered rainwater in the summer months. She spends countless hours at her cauldron-her creative process consists of free pouring essential oils until it smells just right. This particular, extra large bar was made exclusively for Maple, in a base of jojoba and coconut oils, scented with pure essential oils of rosemary, lavender and lemon. We love the exfoliating texture, too, for that extra fresh feel. Handmade in Ghost Lake, Alberta.”

I love handmade soaps so much so I get really excited when they are included in boxes. This soap smells amazing and, wow, it’s size is amazing! It’s really large for a soap bar which makes it feel kind of fancy and luxurious. The packaging is so cute I didn’t open it up yet to see what the soap actually looks like, but it really does smell so good. Exactly like a fresh, crisp and sweet forest. I can’t think of a better way to wake up in the morning shower!


“Nothing better than a really great vitamin C serum. This one is lightweight that brightens and smooths dull uneven skin. Can be used both morning and night, before a moisturizer and after toning. Contains plant stem cells to heal damaged skin tissue as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration. Best to always wear under a sunscreen (everyday!), because they complement one another for protection, but do not combine with a retinol. Made in British Columbia.”

What a nice and light face serum! It has the consistency of water almost and feels so delicate and refreshing on the skin. It only has a really light scent, a bit citrusy, which is very nice. This would be a really easy product to incorporate into any skincare routine since it feels weightless on skin. I can’t wait to test out it’s brightening abilities!


“The second feature from the Ontario-based brand Genuine Tea, founded by a husbandand-wife team, who are incredibly passionate about premium quality organic tea. We love their organic Assam Breakfast tea (made with premium organic golden assam and sourced from co-operatives) either hot or cold-makes the perfect base for a classic iced tea. We also love the soothing, floral Premium Jasmine either hot or iced, and can be consumed any time of day or evening. This tea from the Fujian Province is traditionally served as a welcome gesture to guests, which is a lovely detail as we reopen our doors to friends and family. Made in Ontario.”

Of the two options, I received the Jasmine tea. I love the branding and package design of this tea. I also really like that the ingredients are ethically sourced and thoughtfully made. Also, it’s great that the tea bags are plant-based and biodegradable. Unfortunately, I don’t drink any caffeine, but others in my house sure do and I know they will really enjoy this refreshing-sounding tea.


“The sponge cloth has been a staple in Swedish kitchens for over 60 years and can absorb 15x its own weight in liquid (up to 3/4 of a cup). Sponge cloths replace the use of up to 17 rolls of paper towel, reducing the plastic packaging and overall waste in landfills. These eco-friendly sponge cloths will clean all kitchen and bath surfaces without streaking. Great for granite, stainless steel, laminate and glass top stoves. The cellulose (wood pulp) cotton composition is 100% biodegradable and can be thrown away with compostable waste. The cloth is naturally anti-bacterial due to its quick drying ability which means no ‘dish cloth’ smell. Your cloth’s lifespan is dependent on how you use your cloth and personal preference. Typically, 2-3 months with average wear and tear, but these cloths can be used for 6-12 months or 200 wash cycles. Designed in Canada, made in Sweden.”

I just love Swedish dish sponges! No, really, they are such a handy kitchen companion. I’ve eyed this specific brand before, but have never tried them so I’m excited to now. They always have the best designs on them and I love the two I got – the scallop sage and the strawberries – so summer! I like that these are a more convenient size than wash cloths, they clean so well, you can just toss them in the dishwasher each night for an extra clean or disinfect and that they can be composted when they’re worn. I will for sure be getting a lot of use out of these.


“Stevia-sweetened sweets (Sour Blast Buddies or Peach Rings), we’re huge fans of “kicking sugar” and huge fans of this Canadian candy brand. These sweet treats will have you jumping with childhood glee, without the sugar high. Be aware though, each package contains quite a bit of fiber, which is great, just be sure that you’re well hydrated, too. Made in British Columbia.”

This is the only item I’ve tried before in this box (they’ve seemed to make their way to the states pretty widely), but I’m still happy to see it in this box because they are delicious. I actually had no idea they were even a Canadian brand, so that’s fun to know. Out of the two options, I received the Peach Rings which I’m glad about because I loooove peach rings. And I appreciate that these are low in sugar, but still taste great.


“We’re expanding our Marketplace with new bundles, candles, luxury skin care, and a wearable collection coming in the Fall. Starting August 1st, and until the end of the year, we invite you to use this gift certificate on products in the Maple Marketplace collection. No minimum purchase required and, as always, orders over $98 receive free expedited shipping in Canada. It does not include subscription products (The Maple Box, Maple magazine), or products in the Sale collection.”

Well this is a fun bonus-type item! Since I’ve liked all the items I’ve received in the boxes so far, I can only imagine that their marketplace will be stocked with awesome goods too. I can’t wait to check it out and get myself a little present.

Maple Magazine ($8)

Each quarterly box also includes the current edition of Maple Magazine. The Summer Issue is bright, and fresh, just like summer should be. As usual, it includes new finds for the season, interviews with wellness, health and nature loving individuals, highlights of intriguing Canadian companies, along with health and wellness information. Some examples include, an exploration of a Toronto-based design company, plant based wisdom from a dietician, seasonal tips for gardeners, the book club summer books, and an interview with an Italian chef, plus lots more. It’s beautifully designed and so interesting to read. I can’t wait to dig in. It will make for a nice afternoon patio read.

The Maple Box Review Summer 2021 – Final Thoughts

I get so excited when this box arrives on my doorstep! It’s truly such a beautiful curation of goods that makes unboxing a real treat. It feels sophisticated and luxurious, yet down to earth and relatable too. I mean, their branding is really on point. This is my second time reviewing this box and I’m even more excited about it than I was the first time. Perhaps because I love summer and everything it brings with it, but also because everything included is from a Canadian brand, meaning I’m mostly not familiar with the products beforehand so I’m discovering more and more fun things. I also love being surprised, and what’s more surprising than opening up a delightful box of goodies you’ve never heard of but immediately want to try! The best! I really appreciate that there’s a great variety in items with this box including some of their own house items (the magazine and candle) along with skincare, housewares, snacks and beverages. This box is such a fun way to discover not only new Canadian brands, but also eco-friendly and health-conscious items. I would 10 out of 10 recommend!

The Botanic Gal –

The Maple Box

The Maple Box is a quarterly subscription box of luxury organic and natural goods from North American makers, curated by Maple co-founder and editor-in-chief of Maple magazine.

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