Vellabox Review April 2024

Vellabox April Candles

Spring is finally here and the April Vellabox is on point with its “blossom by blossom, spring begins” theme. This month’s box will help you indulge your senses into the scents and sounds of spring. Yes, please! If you’re new to Vellabox, it’s a monthly artisan candle subscription that includes a selection of featured scents each month and a full-sized surprise item.

Here’s a look at what came in the April box and how the subscription works.*

*They kindly sent this box for review.

Vellabox Subscription Details

Vellabox offers three different subscription options:

  • The Lucerna Box · One 4 oz candle (25+ hours burn time) + one surprise gift from $12/month
  • The Ignis Box · One 8 oz candle (50+ hours burn time) + one surprise gift from $22/month
  • The Vivere Box (that’s mine!) · One 16 oz candle (80+ hours total burn time) + one surprise gift from $29/month

All of the candles are Artisan made in small batches with natural ingredients, including 100% natural wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate-free scents – so you can breathe easy. Because they’re Artisan made, you can discover a new small brand with every box.

You’ll take a questionnaire when you first sign up where you’ll indicate your favorite scents. Vellabox will use this info to make sure you’re getting the scent profiles you love most.

Monthly, 6-month and 12-month subscriptions are available. Shipping is free on all US orders and shipping to Canada is $5/shipment.

Unboxing the April 2024 Vellabox


From the moment I opened the April Vellabox, I knew this month was going to be one of my favorites. From the gorgeous spring blossoms on the inside of the box, to the pretty floral bag that held the candle – it was a medley of all my favorite colors and representation of my favorite season.


As if getting a new candle in a delicious, creative scent each month isn’t enough, Vellabox always includes a surprise bonus item in each delivery. April’s surprise item was a Bamboo Scrub Brush ($10 value).  Crafted from natural bamboo, sisal, and palm (a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic bristles) – it’s a great eco-friendly solution for cleaning needs. Its powerful enough to clean tough surfaces, but will remain gentle on delicate ones as well.

They also included a tip that I thought was so creative – which is to designate this brush as your candle jar clearing brush to get the wax out and the label off so you can repurpose the jar! I honestly hadn’t even considered that – but I think it’s a brilliant idea, and I’m definitely going to do that moving forward. What would you use your repurposed candle jars for? Let me know in the comments!

One of my other favorite surprise perks of Vellabox is that on the back of the product card, there’s also a link to a curated Spotify playlist for the month.  April is cleverly called, “So Fresh, So Clean” and it’s a curated collection of funky beats, vibrant melodies, and infectious rhythms. I’m listening to it right now, and it’s definitely a great way to shake off the winter blues and welcome spring! I always love their playlists because they’re so unique with a mix of new and old favs – you never know what you’re going to get!

For April, there are three different scent options to choose from, or you can choose to be surprised!  The options are:

  • Blossom Festival | for fans of Floral+ Sweet/Spice: Cherry Blossom, Ozone, Jasmine, Red Currant, Fig, Tonka Bean, Musk, Sandalwood
  • Black Pearl | for fans of Fresh: Sea Salt, Ozone, Plum, Green Leaves, Tonka Bean, Amber
  • Winchester | for fans of Woodsy: Peppercorn, Teakwood, Smoke, Leather, Cedar, Cardamom, Whiskey, Bergamont, Musk

I always opt to be surprised because there are very few genuine surprises in this world and I love the added thrill of discovering something I might not have chosen for myself. Vellabox sent me “Blossom Festival” this month – which I really loved. Looking at the scent options for this month, I would have probably picked Back Pearl if I had to choose, but I’m really happy with Blossom Festival and I’m enjoying trying a scent that’s a little more on the adventurous side.

It definitely has a bit of spice, but a really lovely cherry blossom and fig undertone – it’s perfect for in the kitchen.

Each month Vellabox partners with a different candle maker to create their 3 scent options. This month, all the April candles are made by CarteHaus out of Vienna, VA.  Each scent is custom blended by founder, Megan Carte. She loves creating new and distinct scents that she hasn’t come across before – which I think is super appealing. I’ll definitely be checking out more of their scents!

They include a discount to shop with CarteHaus on the product card as well.  So if you loved your candle, you could go back and replenish or try other scents from that maker at a discount. I really love how Vellabox supports these small makers and artisans – what a lovely ripple effect.

If you like transforming your space with candles, and you love discovering fun new scent options, you’ve gotta try Vellabox! It’s a great value for the price (especially with our 50% off discount code – linked below) and the surprise bonus items are always such a delight.  I love my Blossom Festival candle and I can’t wait to use my new bamboo scrub brush with it once it’s gone.  So smart!

Have you tried Vellabox? Which scent from the April lineup would you most want to try?  Let me know in the comments!

-Jessica, AYOB


Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles and lifestyle items to your door every month. Experience love at first light with every candle delivery!

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