Vellabox Review February 2021

Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles to your door every month. Unbox your escape to relaxation and enjoy high quality candles made by America’s finest small-batch makers. Every candle found in Vellabox is made with 100% soy or coconut wax, premium fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and never contains artificial coloring additives. A team of experts curate the best scents for the time of year, so your home always smells in season. They kindly sent me this box for review.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have been loving my Vellabox deliveries as of late. Candles are one of my guilty pleasures. I have them all over the house and I light one every night after we have dinner. For some reason it feels like a special little treat, and I love the ambiance it creates in the evening when I turn all the lights down in the kitchen and the hubby and I cuddle up on the couch after baby goes to bed. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to treat yourself each month, I would highly recommend a subscription to Vellabox.

Subscription Details

Vellabox has 3 subscription options to choose from.

Try the Lucerna for $10 / month (4 oz candle), the Ignis for $20 / month (8 oz candle), or the Vivere for $30 / month (4 + 8 oz candle).

For more fun, you’ll also receive a bonus gift in each box from a natural lifestyle brand in all box sizes.

Here’s a closer look at the FebruaryVellabox. We are reviewing the Vivere box which features a 4 oz candle and an 8 oz candle…..

February Candle Maker – Nightshift Wax Co.

Inspired by the natural beauty of our planet, Nightshift uses only organic American-grown soy wax, premium grade fragrance oils, and natural cotton braided wicks in their candles to ensure they are clean-burning, safe and better for the environment. Their ultimate goal is to help you relax and unwind, whether that be with one of their hand poured candles or organic skin care items.

Bonus Item – Volcanic Mineral Scrub

Redefine the texture of your complexion with this natural, non-abrasive scrub, laden with antioxidant, vitamin E-rich organ oil and anti-inflammatory aloe vera gel to keep your complexion smooth, freshly hydrated, and never irritated. Extracts of green tea, witch hazel, passion flower, and jasmine create a calming effect as your slough away the dulling, clogging dead skin cells leaving your skin velvety soft and vibrant.

We always receive a bonus item and I’m loving that this month they sent us a skincare sample. It’s the perfect size for my travel bag but I’m not sure if I will be able to wait until our next travel adventure to test it out.

Earl Grey

Notes: bergamot, black tea, rosehips, lemon zest

Put the tea kettle on, and a face mask too, then light and enjoy this blend of calming fragrances. Today, we put ourselves at the top of our to-do list…..because we deserve it.

This lovely little tea scented candle is a really nice change from all the heavy holiday scents I have been enjoying the last couple months. This one is light, fresh and comforting at the same time thanks to the black tea notes. The perfect candle to light during or after your morning cup.

Rose Garden

Notes: rose, geranium, fern, marigold, green lily

We’ve got something even better than flowers for this Valentine’s Day. This beautiful and romantic fragrance brings not only the bouquet, but the whole rose garden into your home.

The perfect scent for a February box. Typically I’m not a fan of floral scents but I do love the smell of rose from time to time. This is one I won’t burn often but when the mood strikes for a fresh floral scent this will be my go-to.

Vellabox Review February 2021 – Final Thoughts

The February Vellabox brought with it two very lovely candles perfect for the month of February. I needed a a change from my holiday scents and that’s exactly what they provided us with. I’m really loving the tea scented candle as it is giving me early morning breakfast vibes, and the rose candle will be a lovely scent as we head in to the warmer months. A breath of fresh (floral) air as we put the long, cold winter behind us.

-AYOB Sarah


Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles and lifestyle items to your door every month. Experience love at first light with every candle delivery!

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