Vellabox Review June 2022

Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles to your door every month. Unbox your escape to relaxation and enjoy high quality candles made by America’s finest small-batch makers. Every candle found in Vellabox is made with 100% soy or coconut wax, premium fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and never contains artificial coloring additives. A team of experts curate the best scents for the time of year, so your home always smells in season. They kindly sent us this box for review.

As I sit here writing this month’s Vellabox review it is 5am, Sunday morning, it is pouring rain outside, I have my coffee beside me and a Vellabox candle burning on my desk. Such a great start to my morning!

But enough about that…..let’s talk about Vellabox… of my all-time favourite subscription boxes!

Subscription Details

A team of Vellabox experts curate the best scents for the time of year, so your home always smells in season. Box options range from 25 to 100 hours of total burn time, depending on your monthly candle burning habits.

Vellabox has 3 subscription options to choose from.

  • Lucerna ($18) – 4oz candle + surprise bonus gift
  • Ignis ($28) – 8oz candle + surprise bonus gift
  • Vivere ($38) – 16oz candle + surprise bonus gift

Here’s a closer look at the June Vellabox. We are reviewing the Vivere box which features a 16 oz candle…..

June Candle Partner: Living Albright

Cousins Riley + Kate believe there is nothing more powerful than a familiar scent bringing back floods of good memories. They’re based in Mesa, AZ.
  • Beach Cottage (for fans of fresh + sweet & spice) – green apple, fresh cassis, acai berries, coconut water, aqua lotus
  • Coastal Fog (for fans of woodsy) – cardamom, saffron, violet, palo santo, amber, sandalwood, smoke & cedar
  • Afterglow (for fans of citrus) – grapefruit, plum, orange, sugar & light musk
June Gift Partner: Three Ships ($12 value item) from Toronto, Ontario
  • Dew Drops (Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Serum) – a must for summer!
  • Winner of ‘Best Serum for Dry Skin’ in the SELF Magazine 2021 Healthy Beauty Awards

Our bonus item for June is this Serum from Three Ships. I have received this brand before but I have only ever tried their lip products. I am very interested to test out one of their skincare products, especially since it is a Beauty Award Winner.

Coastal Fog: Inspired by early mornings by the shore. Life on land is still & quiet while the ocean roars with crashing wave after wave. A thick fog covers the coastline where sand meets water & all is peaceful.

Ok….I think this just might be my favourite Vellabox candle to date based on the description alone. And….I mentioned above that I am sitting here writing this review early in the morning, it is still dark outside and the rain is beating against my office window. It couldn’t be more perfect. And…..the scent is absolutely lovely!

Vellabox Review June 2022 – Final Thoughts

I can’t tell you enough just how much I adore this monthly subscription. I have said this before but I get more use out of my Vellabox deliveries than any other box I receive. Except for maybe my essential oil boxes, lol. I burn my Vellabox candles almost every day. I have one in my office (sitting beside me), I have one in the kitchen, in my bathroom, and in our bedroom. There’s just something about candles that makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. And we ALL need a little more peace in our lives…..wouldn’t you agree?!

-AYOB Sarah


Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles and lifestyle items to your door every month. Experience love at first light with every candle delivery!

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