Vellabox Review May 2021

Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles to your door every month. Unbox your escape to relaxation and enjoy high quality candles made by America’s finest small-batch makers. Every candle found in Vellabox is made with 100% soy or coconut wax, premium fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and never contains artificial coloring additives. A team of experts curate the best scents for the time of year, so your home always smells in season. They kindly sent me this box for review.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I have been loving my Vellabox deliveries as of late. I actually have one of last month’s candles burning beside me as I write this. Candles are just so great for creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. They are perfect for the kitchen, your office, the bathroom (while you get ready), I could go on and on. It’s one of the boxes I look forward to receiving the most.

Subscription Details

Vellabox has 3 subscription options to choose from.

Try the Lucerna for $10 / month (4 oz candle), the Ignis for $20 / month (8 oz candle), or the Vivere for $30 / month (4 + 8 oz candle).

For more fun, you’ll also receive a bonus gift in each box from a natural lifestyle brand in all box sizes.

Here’s a closer look at the May Vellabox. We are reviewing the Vivere box which features a 4 oz candle and an 8 oz candle…..

May Candle Maker – Wax & Wane

Hannah started Wax & Wane on a whim in her NYC apartment kitchen (that she was sharing with 2 roommates) during a harsh winter when she was homesick for the PNW. She’s since moved back to Oregon and continues to create candles inspired by the beauty of nature around her and memories of travels. Highly curated, small batch, vegan, and always eco conscious.

Bonus Item – Woolzies

Their all-natural product journey started with laundry when they learned that detergent and dryer sheets were full of toxic “nasties”. The first Woolzies product was natural dryer balls in 2011. Since then, they’ve rolled out a number of 100% certified natural products including essential oils, skincare, soaps, linen sprays, diffusers and more!

For this month’s bonus item we received a calming sleep mist from Woolzies which is pretty darn awesome because I have been using a sleep mist (and sleep well lotion) every night for the last month. This one is lavender and chamomile and you can use it on your pillow before bed, to freshen linens, or to freshen the air.

Cactus Flower

Notes: green jade, chrysanthemum petals, watery aloe, earthy patchouli

Capture the essence of the sweet cactus blossoms, just as they emerge from the long desert winter. This bright botanical fragrance is lightly floral and green.

Typically I’m not a fan of flower scents but this one is absolutely lovely. I like the subtle hint of aloe and patchouli, it makes for such a beautiful fragrance. This is one I envision burning on a warm summer night, after dinner, with all the windows open, while enjoying a cup of tea.

Agave Nectar

Notes: agave nectar, desert rain, citrus fruit

In ancient times, agave plants grew abundantly in the arid deserts of Southern Mexico and were prized as a gift from the gods. Their sweet nectar was used during celebration and rituals, and that sweetness has been captured here with undertones of rain and citrus.

Our second candle is just a beautiful as the first, but in a different way. It’s sweet and fresh and makes me think of spring. This would make for a lovely morning scent.

Vellabox Review May 2021 – Final Thoughts

Vellabox has officially become a subscription box I can’t live without. It brings me so much joy each and every month and it always puts a smile on my face. It’s a box I enjoy over and over again because I use my candles almost daily. Not to mention the fact that they are always package in adorable reusable canvas bags, of which I have big plans for. Oh…..and I should also mention that this month’s bonus item is one of my favourites to date. Vellabox is a subscription I would recommend ten times over.

-AYOB Sarah


Vellabox delivers all-natural, artisan-made candles and lifestyle items to your door every month. Experience love at first light with every candle delivery!

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