Work • Space • Spark Review: February 2023

Work • Space • Spark is a career growth community and office decor and/or tools subscription box for working professionals. February’s theme is Career Self-Care. Let’s take a look.*

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

Work Space Spark is delivered monthly and ships to the US, Canada and military bases around the world. Additional international shipping is available on request.*

The Work • Space • Spark box includes 4 to 5 work-related items like desk supplies, career books and tech or productivity tools. Each month’s contents are noted on a product card (above).

A Work • Space • Spark membership also comes with exclusive access to strategies for career growth via online videos, courses and monthly ask-an-expert office hours, together valued at over $199 USD per month.

Career Self-Care: Find Your Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment at Work by Linda Zetlin ($18.95)

“Like the best advice from a therapist, career counselor, and savvy best friend, this practical resource details dozens of concrete ways to improve work life in any kind of job or entrepreneurial setting. As Minda Zetlin shows, basic self-care principles are the key, and they apply in both tranquil and turbulent times. Her prescriptions are action-ready and available to all. They include:

*taking doable steps to get from where you are to where you dream of being cultivating both mentors and sponsors (and understanding the difference)

*navigating the ongoing issues of gender and race bias at work

*dealing with toxic coworkers, including bosses

*supercharging the brain for reaching goals

*incorporating detoxifying mindfulness practices, such as ultra-brief meditation breaks, simple breathing exercises, and power journaling

Not just another list of things to do, this invaluable book is there to help in moments of overwhelm or indecision, at the end of a long day, or any time when you need a reminder of your whole-self aspirations and what you’re capable of.”

Career self-care is also the subject of February’s featured training session for Work • Space • Spark subscribers, this one a discussion with the author of the book.

Extendable Back Massager ($18)

“Massage those hard-to-reach areas to comfort sore muscles from sitting in your chair all day.”

My fella gave me a giant massager thingie years ago and I’ve never used it, mainly out of protest. What I really wanted was more massages from him, not some gizmo to get him out of it, LOL. But we don’t always get what we want. This massager is very lightweight making it easy to handle but maybe not so effective at working out serious kinks. That said, it does feel good and the extendable handle works like a charm.

Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker ($18)

“Grab your book and new bluetooth speaker and listen to your favourite playlist.”

Surprisingly good sound for such an affordable speaker. I can’t write and listen to music at the same time so I use it when I’m when I’m cleaning, puttering around the house or just closing my eyes for a bit. Can you listen to music while you work?

Self-Care Planning Stickers ($5)

“Add a little self-care reminder to your planners and calendars with these self-care planning stickers.”

So sweet, and there’s two sheets so I’m going to share one with a friend.

February’s Work • Space • Spark was a fun surprise — especially the speaker and the cute stickers. Those are my favourites but the discussion with the author is a bonus too. Looking forward to watching!

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