Amoda Tea Spoiler February 2018

Amoda’s Monthly Tea box is for tea lovers looking to discover fun flavours, unique pure teas and hidden gems of the tea world. You receive surprise selections and every tea is taste tested before selection. You will receive a variety of flavours and caffeine levels or you can choose our low caff option.

The February Amoda Tea box includes a very special blend! We just launched a new Elevated Plant Powder, which are our organic superfood blends elevated with matcha green tea. Our newest addition, Matcha Bliss, is an uplifting blend of cacao, reishi, maca, matcha and cinnamon that makes the most luxurious tea lattes. We rarely feature matcha in our subscription box, but February seemed perfectly fit to feature Matcha Bliss! You get the calm focused energy of matcha with the mood boosting and stress supporting benefits of cacao, reishi and maca.

If you’d like to be among the first to try our new blend, make sure you subscribe to the February Amoda Tea box, while supplies last. The featured photo gives you a complete sneak peek at the teas featured in February’s Original Box. Please note that the Low Caff version of the February box does not contain Matcha Bliss.

-Amoda Tea

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