Beachly FULL Spoilers Winter 2022

Beachly (formerly Coastal Co.) is a quarterly curation of beach-inspired lifestyle products. With a women’s box and a men’s box to choose from, the only decision to make is how quickly you can sign up everyone you know! Tailored to the season and your location, the Beachly tribe is rocking the best in beach style year-round.

Here’s a peek at the Winter Beachly Box….

Welcome to your Winter Beachly box! This season is inspired by cozy, coastal evenings spent bundled up on the shore. It’s filled with our favorite seaside finds to transport you to Winter nights spent at a beachside bonfire. With a touch of island-inspired details and cozy textures, this box will bring extra warmth into your white, sandy Winter. Whether you’re building snowmen or sandcastles, these new goodies are sure to add a splash of sunshine into the season.

The Sea Breeze Quilted Jacket

By: Amuse Society *Beachly Exclusive

Retail Price: $129

Ohhh this is a good one!  You’ve probably seen a high end version of this oh-so-popular quilted jacket around, but never before quite so beachy!  With the PERFECT lightweight feel, gorgeous indigo blue color and embroidered palm detail, this one of a kind item will be the perfect reminder of days spent by the coast as we head into colder days.

About the Brand – Inspired by the artistic aspect of traveling and the beauty of all that is on a beach, Amuse Society is perfect for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and believe that the best moments always come spontaneously. Whether you like to spend long hours at the beach waiting for the sunset, at the local, old vinyl record store or even on the sidewalks of the city looking for the best coffee shop in town, Amuse Society perfectly blends bohemian looks with rock-and-roll inspiration. 

The Bondi Beach Blanket

By: Thula Tula *Beachly Exclusive

Retail Price: $129

What better way to keep you cozy all Winter while still reminding you of the beach than the abstract palm print of this luxe blanket!  Whether you’re cuddled up on the couch or headed to watch a beach sunset, the weight of this throw is the perfect way to keep you warm all season long. 

About the Brand – Thula Tula means “hush-hush” baby and was started by husband and wife team, Steve and Angela. It was inspired by their daughter Venice and her Grandmother, Sheila, who passed away from Cancer in September 2018. Thula Tula was born out of the desire to honor Sheila’s life and give back to the people of Africa, the land where she was born, lived, and loved. They provide the finest ethically and sustainably produced products and are a 100% direct-to-consumer “Loom To You” in order to offer the most direct experience possible. 

The Monstera Sweatshirt

By: Post Surf Collective 

Retail Price: $60

The definition of coastal cool at its finest, The Monstera Sweatshirt is your new staple Winter wardrobe piece.  Perfectly cozy and with an easy to wear design, this buttery soft piece will keep you both warm and stylish.

About the Brand – Inspired by the city, tropics, and everywhere in between, Post Surf Collective is reminiscent of that post-surf feeling many beach-goers have grown to love and seek. Salty, breezy, warm, golden-hour vibes are apparent in Post Surf’s collections and wish to bring the inspiration of surf travels to you. 

The Monstera Fuzzy Socks

By: Salt Sisters *Beachly Exclusive

Retail Price: $18

These plush socks will not only keep your feet warm all winter, but keep you constantly reminded of warmer, tropical days with the beautiful indigo color and palm print!

About the Brand – Salt Sisters is the GO TO site for daily discoveries by and for sun seekers.  Ever wanted to see the cutest beachy content, links to curated coastal products to purchase and just a really fun allover beach style page?  Look no further than Salt Sisters for the BEST in beach content.

The Hydrating Serum

By: Sun Bum

Retail Price: $22

Seal in the good stuff! Sun Bum’s Hydrating Serum contains nourishing Banana, Brown Algae and Niacinamide and works as the first layer of moisture and protection in your daily skin care routine. Formulated to give your skin a healthy vibrant glow with all the best ingredients, this serum is the perfect way to feel sun-kissed and glowing all Winter long!

About the Brand –  In 2010, Sun Bum started making products to protect their friends and families from the sun. Since then, they’ve grown and become a lot bigger but their core purpose hasn’t changed. They make products the way they like them and they hope you like them too. Everything Sun Bum does is rooted in surf lifestyle, simplicity, and sun. Trust the Bum. 

The Birds of Paradise Scarf

By: Block + Ink *Beachly Exclusive

Retail Price: $45

The beautiful floral print makes The Birds of Paradise Scarf the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.  The lightweight fabric is so versatile- whether worn traditionally around the neck, tied in the hair or attached to the handle of your favorite bag.

About the Brand – After traveling through the distant mountain ranges, seascapes, and golden deserts of India, Block + Ink was built off the timeless culture and inspiration of the land. Using plant and mineral dyes, they are able to uphold the integrity of a long cherished trade. Block + Ink offers a fresh perspective on an ancient tradition while also maintaining traditional culture and inspiration in their design process. 

The Sand-Speckled Seashell Tray

By: Beachly *Beachly Exclusive

Retail Price: $25

This seashell tray is the perfect catchall to bring your home a little bit of coastal flair!  Add some beachy charm to your bedroom by using as jewelry storage OR feature in your kitchen as a spoon rest to spare your counters from hot or messy utensils.

What You Get: In each Beachly (formerly Coastal Co.) box you will receive 6-8 items of beach-inspired apparel & lifestyle products delivered every season. Tailored to the season and your location, the Beachly tribe is rocking the best in beach style year-round. This could mean you might receive a pair of sandals in the summer, but a cute knit in the winter to stay toasty.



Beachly delivers a box of beach-inspired apparel and accessories delivered 4x per year with $250+ retail value inside each box, for a fraction of the price.

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