Date Night In Box Theme Spoiler May 2019

Date Night In Box is a custom created, memorable date night subscription experience to be enjoyed from the comfort of the customer’s home. Each Date Night In Box includes interactive activities with ambiance and a tasty treat to bring customers together in creative, fun and meaningful ways. The highest priority is helping customers to connect with their partner.

Here’s a peek at the theme for the May Date Night In Box….

Sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. One or all senses played a part in your love story… a shared meal, sweet words spoken or maybe even love at first sight. Next month’s “Sensing More” Date Night In Box will be about using your 5 senses to explore your love!

What You Get: With Date Night In Box date themes change monthly and each date includes three or more activities, ambiance, music, a delicious snack and more…





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