Let’s Go Eco Spoiler #3 Fall 2021

Let’s Go Eco is an eco-friendly, sustainable, natural, ethical, luxurious and PLASTIC-FREE quarterly subscription box.

Here’s a peek at the first item in the Let’s Go Eco Fall Box 2021…


Hand foraged, small batch tea from Indigenous, women-led, beauty brand Skwalwen @ skwalwenbotanicals based in Squamish, British Columbia. 

NÉKWENTSUT (neck-went-suit) translates to ‘warm oneself’ in the Squamish language.  This delicious all-season tea is made with nettle, mint and rosehip.  Nettle has been used traditionally in Squamish culture for its natural benefits to the body.  Rosehips are packed full of vitamin C, and mint offers a soothing quality while supporting digestion.

Sḵwálwen is an Indigenous skincare brand that honours cultural knowledge, Indigenous plant science and self-care.  Skwalwen (squall-win), translates to “heart” or “essence of being” in the Squamish language.  Incorporating sustainably harvested and sourced botanicals, they unite ancestral traditions with modern beauty rituals, empowering people to connect to themselves and the natural world.  Crafted in the Canadian Pacific Northwest on the unceded Territories of the Skwxẃu7mesh (Squamish) First Nation.

We’re in awe of Leigh Joseph (ancestral name Styawat) the founder and leader of Skwalwen.  She has a M.Sc. and is a PhD Candidate in Ethnobotany (the study of relationships between people and plants) from the University of Victoria.  She is behind the 2021 Hot docs documentary, Walking with Plants @ walking_with_plants_film and featured in Flare Magazine, Elle Canada, Huffpost to name only a few.

Nékwentsut rose+nettle+mint tea is 1 of 10 items in the Fall eco-box valued at $170 and available for $89 with a subscription (subscribers save 44% off regular retail prices).  Single boxes $99. 

Now open for pre-orders. Boxes start shipping in September. Limited quantities, only available while supplies last.

Here’s a peek at the 2nd item in the Let’s Go Eco Fall Box 2021…


Rich and luxurious this limited edition, all natural, hand crafted, small batch bubble bath will calm and nurture your inner Ocean Goddess.  Delicately scented with notes of vanilla and lavender with a hint of rosemary. 

Located in Crescent Beach British Columbia, natural beauty brand Sealuxe is inspired by the wisdom of the waves.  They pour, blend, stir and sift healthy ingredients infused with the Pacific Ocean’s natural bounty into their products.  As a child, Tanya, the founder of Sealuxe, discovered her passion for the ocean.  Her summers were spent beachcombing – exploring low tide as the ocean retreated each day to unveil an endless and ever-changing world of excitement and intrigue.  Her journey has led to the creation of Sealuxe and a potent product line rich with the elements of thalassotherapy: seaweed, salt and Canadian glacial marine clay.  

  • Hand-crafted, small batch
  • Woman-led
  • Canadian small business
  • All natural, vegan/cruelty free
  • Plastic-free glass bottle
  • Regularly hosts beach clean ups in their native home of Crescent Beach, BC

Here’s a peek at the 3rd item in the Let’s Go Eco Fall Box 2021…


Each year over 300 billion single-use cups are made worldwide, about 1.5 billion in Canada, and less than 2% will ever be recycled. Despite appearances, almost all big businesses’ disposable coffee cups are lined in plastic (yes, that includes those innocent-looking Tim Horton’s cups). Choose to reuse. Each time you choose to re-use, even just once a week, you will be helping in the fight against single-use waste. Imagine the massive difference we could make if everyone did the same. If 2 million people chose to re-use just once a week, we would stop 104,000,000 single-use cups going to landfill each year.

These beautiful coffee cups are made from a composite of natural, organic bamboo fiber, corn starch and a plant-based resin. The sleeve and lid are made from silicone which is made from sand. They are so pretty and they’re also naturally antibacterial and have no weird plastic-taste. One of the first, sustainable, plastic-free travel mugs ever and was even featured as one of @oprah ‘s favourite things. Now, it’s can be ours too. We have 4 beautiful designs styled by artist William Morris and the one you’ll receive will be a surprise.

Box Details: Let’s Go Eco boxes are filled with the latest eco-conscious brands and trends in home, fashion, health and wellness and are specially curated to help people live a more low waste, more eco-conscious lifestyle.


Let’s Go Eco

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