Let’s Go Eco Spoilers Spring 2021

Let’s Go Eco is an eco-friendly, sustainable, natural, ethical, luxurious and PLASTIC-FREE quarterly subscription box.

Here a peek at a couple items in the Let’s Go Eco Spring Box 2021…


Natural, Facial Cleansing Bar from Indigenous Inuit Business Uasau Soap @uasau_soap

We are honored to introduce you to Uasau Soap, an Inuit family-owned business run by Bernice Kootoo Clarke and Justin Clarke based in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 

Nunavut is the vast territory of northern Canada that stretches across most of the Canadian Arctic and encompasses the traditional lands of the Inuit, the indigenous peoples of Arctic CA. Located on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, in Nunavut, Uasau Soap (pronounced ooh-ah-sow) draws its inspiration from prehistoric Inuit tradition. Each of their handmade small-batch products replenishes and nourishes your skin. Ingredients are sustainably sourced and made from local ingredients using traditional Inuit practices.

This facial bar is handcrafted from hand harvested seaweed and bentonite clay from Frobisher Bay.

Supporting an indigenous business was chosen by 100% of you in our Spring Box polling and we’re thrilled to deliver this incredible product from the award winning Inuit business.


100% Pure, Certified Organic Maple Syrup from Pefferlaw Creek Farm @pc.farms based in Uxbridge, Ontario. 

Nothing quite says Spring like Maple Syrup am I right, eh?

Pefferlaw Creek Farms is a family-owned business run by four brothers. Crafting the finest quality organic 100% pure maple syrup, they hope to share their passion and love for producing and consuming maple syrup by bringing it to your table.

While most maple syrup is harvested without the use of pesticides, Pefferlaw Creek Farms takes extra careful steps throughout the entire production and cleaning process to comply with certified organic standards. Steps include sustainable tree tapping practices to ensure that tree health is maintained long term, proper cleaning of evaporator and other equipment, among others. They are certified organic through Ecocert Canada and inspected yearly. This syrup comes in a glass bottle and is plastic-free, just like everything else in the box.

Box Details: Let’s Go Eco boxes are filled with the latest eco-conscious brands and trends in home, fashion, health and wellness and are specially curated to help people live a more low waste, more eco-conscious lifestyle.


Let’s Go Eco

Let's Go Eco makes going green easy, fun and more affordable with our luxurious, earth friendly, sustainable, low waste quarterly subscription box.

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