Naturally Crated Spoiler #2 Fall 2020

Naturally Crated fall crates include all things wellness!

The first Naturally Crated spoiler was revealed. It is this natural bamboo and sisal dry brush that helps stimulate the lymphatic system and boosts the immune system!

The second Naturally Crated spoiler is pure manuka honey for medicinal use! This is the purest manuka honey sourced directly from remote parts of New Zealand.

Ezie Bee manuka honey is lab tested and given certified grades. There is no glyphosate residue, and it is non GMO verified through Project GMO accreditation. Your specific box will allow you to trace your honey back to the hive! This is truly a farm-to-table manuka honey!

Not only are you getting the best manuka honey, but it will be in on-the-go snap packs! Meaning an immune boost will be a snap away! Drop in your purse, gym bag, or keep at the office for immune support, allergies, wound-healing and so much more!

Naturally Crated fall crates are full of over $100 in natural, organic and eco-friendly goodness, and they ship immediately!

Make sure you order one before this limited edition crate sells out!

-Naturally Crated

Naturally Crated

The Naturally Crated quarterly subscription box is the long awaited subscription box for those who seek out natural, organic, and eco-friendly products.

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