Naturally Crated Spoiler #2 Spring 2020

Naturally Crated is a subscription crate for those who live a natural lifestyle!

Naturally Crated knows you spend a lot of time making conscious decisions for your family. They take the stress out of those decisions by offering a quarterly crate specifically curated with your lifestyle in mind. Their products range from grass-fed goat’s milk soaps & pure essential oils to organic throw pillows & fair trade hot cocoa.

As a member, you’ll be introduced to natural, organic, and eco-friendly products without all the research and label reading. Each item Naturally Crated carries is hand-selected from trusted and reputable, conscious brands to give you confidence in every crate. If your natural side is curious, learn how it works!

Naturally Crated recently announced the continuation of the quarterly crate theme, “Room by Room: Green”. This theme has taken members through a non-toxic makeover of a different space each quarter. This has included a green transformation in the laundry room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, so far! The spring crate theme was recently announced, and Naturally Crated is going to help you with an organic Garden!

This spring crate is for seasoned veggie gardeners, and those who just enjoy the sights and smells of spring!

The first Spring Naturally Crated spoiler was posted last week! This organic, coconut-based soap works great for scrubbing off wax, microbes, and soil from your delicate fruits and veggies.

The second spring crate spoiler is this handmade walnut herb stripper! Made in the USA, and hand finished with natural oils it serves multiple purposes! Use to strip flavorful greens from tough stalks – everything from thyme to kale! It can also be used to scrape produce off cutting boards to transfer to pots, storage, or even the compost bin. Use the rounded ends to scoop out a variety of melons, gourds and squash.

Reserve your spring crate, now!

-Naturally Crated

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