Naturally Crated Spoiler #2 Winter 2020

Naturally Crated has revealed their winter crate theme, “Detox”. This is great timing considering everyone could use a little detox from 2020!

The first spoiler is this organic detox bath! It is made from a small business in Oregon that focuses on quality products that work! Their team of naturopaths and herbalists formulated this detox bath to help move stagnation and leave the body revived!

The last winter crate spoiler is this activated charcoal konjac face sponge! It is made of pure konjac and activated charcoal. Konjac is a natural herb grown underground with a soft texture for gentle cleansing that will not scratch while washing away dirt and oil from skin. It is great for all skin types. It can be used with or without cleanser to gently cleanse, and buff away blockages & dead skin cells. Ours has a cotton string to hang and dry the sponge between uses.

If you could use a luxurious detox, reserve your Naturally Crated winter crate now!

-Naturally Crated

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