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Miss To Mrs Box is your monthly companion for the wedding planning journey. 
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Miss To Mrs Box is your monthly companion for the wedding planning journey. Every month you will receive a box filled with must have wedding essentials, pamper perfect items, and stunning gifts to help you plan and prepare for the big day! Countless brides are planning their wedding with Miss To Mrs Box, and so should you!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Miss to Mrs Box subscribers receive themed boxes with full-size products. Each theme is aligned to your journey from Engagement to Honeymoon.

There are hundreds of products to discover that can be very handy for your wedding planning or sometimes you simply need to take the stress off all those TO-DOs. This is where Miss To Mrs Box comes in. Our team has created 9 uniquely themed boxes, each one filled with ideas and items you can actually use before your wedding day, on your wedding day and even AFTER!

User Reviews

Average Rating: 4.92
  1. kayprado

    I loved each Miss To Mrs Box! I had 9 month subscription, it helped me with my wedding planning from day to day. I really feel that I prepared myself better to the Big Day with Miss To Mrs Box!
    It reminded me that it was a magical time and I had to find some time for myself.
    Recommend to every bride!


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