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Super Chewer

Shipping since: December 2011
$39 per month
Super Chewer makes playtime last longer with 2 durable toys, 2 American-made full bags of treats and 2 chews, delivered monthly.
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Box Details:

Super Chewer is a premium monthly box of the toughest dog toys that are designed in NYC, all-natural treats made in the USA or Canada, and tasty chews. The most loved subscription box especially for power chewers. Super Chewer makes playtime last longer and always offers fast free delivery.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Super Chewer subscribers will receive 2 tough toys, 2 full bags of treats, and 2 chews each month.

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How Do I Order A Super Chewer BarkBox?

Sounds like you’ve got one chewsy pup on your hands! To order a Super Chewer BarkBox you can go here to get started! From there you’ll select your pup size, plan length, and enter your address and billing information!

If you need any further help with this please reach out to the Happy Team! You can contact us through email here, bark at us via chat, or text or call us at 855-944-2275.

How Much Does Super Chewer Cost?

Every monthly box…

brings your dog more than $50 worth of durable toys and meaty treats and chews. The more boxes you sign up for, the lower your monthly cost!

The toys are tough…

but these monthly delivery plans make your life easy! Super Chewer Plans are as follows:

Monthly Billing

  • 12 month:$29 /box
  • 6 month: $34 /box
  • 1 month: $39 /box

What If My Dog Destroys A Toy From Their Super Chewer Box?

We stand behind our products…

but not every toy is perfect for every dog and we get that – we’re dog parents too! That’s why Scout’s Honor is here to help.

No returns, no time limits, no need for proof.

If you find yourself with a busted Super Chewer toy and a disappointed pup, we’ll send a new one, 100% FREE of charge. That’s our Scout’s Honor guarantee!

Need a replacement?

Just give our Happy Team a howl and we’ll be sure to find the perfect replacement item for your Super Chewer’s unique needs. You can contact us through email here, bark at us via chat, or text or call us at 855-944-2275.

What If My Super Chewer Has Allergies?

We can help with that!

While every treat we ship is wheat, corn, and soy free, we also have a special allergy-friendly box for pups who are allergic to beef, chicken, or turkey.

Have other allergies?

If your pup’s allergy isn’t listed – we want to know! Chances are we can customize your box to provide your chewer with treats and chews they can actually enjoy.

What Is Super Chewer?

Making playtime last longer!

Super Chewer BarkBox is a monthly subscription box created specifically for dogs who love to chew! Every Super Chewer box comes with 2 tough toys, 2 hearty chews, and 2 big bags of treats.

What Is Your Super Chewer Shipping Timeframe?

For new customers within the 48 contiguous states, boxes are automatically processed. It typically takes 2-3 business days to ship and an additional 2-8 business days to arrive in your pup’s paws!

What Is Your Super Chewer Subscription Cancellation Policy?

We’d hate to see you go!

But if you must, you can cancel your subscription in your account at any time.

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