5 Reasons We Love Let’s Go Eco

Summer is in full swing and so is Plastic-Free-July! This month is all about considering our plastic waste and the ways we can reduce the usage while swapping to more sustainable choices. So of course we couldn’t let this month go by without highlighting one of our favorite plastic-free subscription boxes! If you saw our recent post on how subscription boxes can help you transition to a more waste-conscious lifestyle, you’ll know they are a great tool in introducing new ways of reducing waste, but we wanted to highlight one awesome box in particular that’s lead the way in the eco-subscription box space.

Lets’ take a closer look at 5 Reasons we Love Let’s Go Eco, the first Canadian plastic-free subscription box aiming to reduce plastic waste one box at a time.


1. They are a NO-PLASTIC box and are conscious to include only products and packaging that are low waste and biodegradable. They are plastic-free all the way to the packaging of the box itself, using the most environmentally-friendly options available. Their labels are compostable with adhesive made from sugar cane, tissue and stickers are printed using soy-based ink and the boxes made from 100% recycled paper and are recyclable themselves. With Let’s Go Eco you’re not just getting plastic-free, but overall environmentally conscious so you can feel good about learning how to become more conscious of your own waste with your purchase.

2. Each quarterly box features items that introduce you to new and interning useful items that impact you more than they impact the earth. All items will be lower waste, plastic-free and natural alternatives to things you use everyday. They focus on practical items, but also include a couple of treats/fun things too. Chosen products will be natural, sustainable, ethically sourced and vegan. And a great feature for our Canadian readers is that most items are also handmade from small businesses based in right there in Canada so they try to keep it as local as possible to be even further conscious of their environmental impact while supporting brands they love.

3. You can discover fresh, innovative items that you never knew you needed. They often feature brand new, progressive, and forward-thinking indie small businesses who are leading the way in driving a greener, more sustainable economy. It’s important that the subscription box itself is as green as can be of course, but that means the brands need to be too and they take special care to find the best of the best.

4. You’ll save green while you’re going green! And a good amount too! Transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle can include some investment in replacing non-eco-friendly products that have reached their life capacity. This box makes stocking up on re-usable products easy and affordable. Each box will contain 6-10 eco-awesome items that save you 30-50% (yes, up to 50%!) off regular store prices so you can save a bit of money while saving the planet.

5. The eco-fun doesn’t jus stop with their subscription box! They are a full-service eco-market too. That means you can also shop their sustainable goods collection for anything you might need for your eco-conscious journey. They stock the latest trends and everyday low waste, plastic-free eco-friendly items you need to take care of yourself, your family, your home and the planet. We of course love a good subscription box, but love it even more when we can repurchase our favorites from the same place when we need them.

There you have our Top 5 Eco-Loving reasons why Let’s Go Eco is one of the best plastic-free boxes out there. Be sure to let us know if this is one of your favorite boxes for transitioning to a lower waste life style too!

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Let’s Go Eco

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