5 Ways Subscription Boxes Help You Celebrate Plastic Free July

Have you been thinking about reducing your environmental impact or cutting out some of your plastic waste? Well, this month just so happens to be dubbed “Plastic Free July” and was created to spread knowledge and inspire less plastic usage – hence the name – so it’s the perfect month to focus on reducing that plastic waste. Of course that also means it’s the perfect time for us over here at A Year of Boxes to share all about our favorite subscription boxes that can help make that goal easier. If your new to eco-consciousness, are a plastic-free pro, or even if you don’t even know where to start, we’ve got you covered. To celebrate “Plastic-Free July” we’ve rounded up 5 reasons why subscription boxes help you reduce your plastic waste along with 5 of our favorites to get you started on the earth-friendly journey.

1. They take the guesswork out of where to start when going plastic free. It can be really overwhelming knowing where to start when you decide to be more eco-conscious. Like what do you replace first or what has the most impact on the environment?? These boxes give you tidbits of information and a handful of products at a time that you can try out and learn how they’d fit into your life without overwhelm and without having to get rid of anything before it’s lifecycle is over. In no time you’ll be reducing and reusing anything and everything and finding that small changes really do add up to big impact over time!

2. You can save money while saving the planet! Since these boxes always pack a value punch, you’ll be able to collect useful products a bit at a time at a reduced cost so that you’re saving money and plastic at the same time. Win win!

3. You’ll discover tons of new plastic-free alternatives that you didn’t know you needed, but won’t be able to live without. Maybe you had no idea that deodorant could be a plastic free product or that there was such thing as beeswax wrap to replace cling wrap. These boxes give you opportunities to find new brands and products that you otherwise might never have known about and make the discovery process fun and exciting. It feels good to use a product that’s conscious of it’s footprint and it’s fun to see how it’s use compares to what a more mainstream product provides.

4. You’ll support mother earth in other ways as some of these boxes give back and many include brands that give back, some even to plastic-reduction related causes. Each box thoughtfully chooses brands to partner with who each have their own earth-loving mission. The boxes and the brands themselves both give back in some way to make this world a better place. So you’re often helping to doubly give back with your purchases.

5. They are not only plasticly conscious, but are all around earth-friendly. These boxes go above and beyond to make sure that they put their mission into action to create a positive impact on our environment by doing things such a shipping carbon neutrally, ensuring they are low or even zero waste, packaging with recyclable materials, and providing education on how you can make a difference. That adds extra value and helps cares for mother earth in the process.

There you have it for our top 5 reasons why subscription boxes help you go plastic-free. Now on to a list of 5 of our favorite boxes that can help get you started. Be sure to let us know your favorite plastic-conscious subscription boxes and your “Plastic Free July” plans down below!

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