6 Ways Subscription Boxes Can Help Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

April is Earth Month and Earth Day itself is coming right up on the 22nd so we thought this was the most perfect month to share all about eco-friendly subscription boxes. Earth Month is designated to bring awareness about the impact we have on the world around us through the ways we live. It’s easy to get on auto-pilot and forget that the purchasing choices we make truly do impact the earth, all it’s inhabitants, it’s eco-systems and our future. While we know it’s hard to make huge changes overnight, we love that Earth Month is a reminder to bring consciousness and care into our daily choices.

Of course, we couldn’t let Earth Month go by without sharing how our favorite Green boxes that help make those choices super easy because not only do they send the most beautiful, thoughtful and useful products, but they have an extra level of thoughtful commitment to the earth that comes along with them. Each is unique in it’s curation and personality, but they all have these earth-loving things in common:

1. They help reduce the eco-friendly overwhelm. It can be very hard to know where to start when wanting to transition to a green living journey. Like, what do you replace first and what is easiest to tackle? These boxes help take the guesswork out of things by introducing you to brands, products, ideas, information, and education to make the transition smoother and less daunting. They help you slowly learn and collect items over time so you don’t feel like you need to do it all at once. This way, you can keep the momentum and enthusiasm for green-living going strong.

2. They send low-waste or zero-waste replacements for commonly used items. You’ll find things like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable cotton pads, reusable bulk and produce bags, tote bags for shopping, glass or stainless steel water bottles and so much more. Each swap helps replace something you might often create waste with such as plastic water bottles. All the items sent can be used over an over again saving trash from the landfill.

3. They are conscious of their packaging and carbon footprint. They choose box packaging options that minimize waste, are made from recycled materials, and are fully recyclable themselves. They also choose items inside the boxes that are conscious of their packaging, often being zero-plastic, low-waste, recyclable, and reusable. Many earth-friendly boxes choose to send boxes quarterly or bi-monthly to reduce packaging and shipping waste even further. And some even ensure that they have options for members to choose carbon-neutral shipping to help offset emissions even more.

4. They help small and local businesses that are also working hard to support mother earth through their own businesses. Like mentioned above, brands included in the boxes are sourced based on their own ingredient and packaging choices. The brands included will often use organic, sustainably sourced ingredients along with low/zero-waste and recyclable packaging. Often these brands give back to help mother earth too. So you’re being doubly earth conscious by choosing eco-friendly subscription boxes!

5. You’ll discover products that are healthy for you and healthy for the planet. Being eco-friendly is often highlighted as caring for our outside environments, but it’s also about taking care of your inside environment and your health. Green health, beauty, and lifestyle products encourage both at the same time and these eco-friendly boxes deliver the best of the best in these categories ensuring they’ve researched and sourced items that are safe for you, your family and of course mother earth.

6. They work hard to curate thoughtful and useful content to ensure maximum usage and less waste. We of course love trying out new products and getting monthly deliveries but realize that a subscription box can sometimes be seen as wasteful if it includes products you don’t like or won’t use so we appreciate how these boxes really hone into what their customers want and would use to provide the best earth conscious experience while also delivering fun and excitement!

Now, here are 5 of our favorite earth-friendly boxes to help inspire your green-living journey! And of course, if you have any to add to the list be sure to share below!

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