7 Boxes to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track

We’re fresh into a new year full of possibility and hope and you know what that means, right? We’re also fresh into a new round of setting New Year’s resolutions! I’m not all that big on setting super specific goals, but I do think it’s a great time to evaluate what happened in the past year to see if trying something new could be helpful. For example, I realized throughout the last year that exercise, or yoga more specifically, made me feel good and strong when I’d practice, but I never got into a really regular routine. So this year since I know how beneficial it can be for me, I’m working to at least up the amount I practiced to be more than last year. It’s an achievable goal and doesn’t set me up for failure (that’s why I don’t generally like super strict goals for new years).

It can be easy to let life things take over the space you created for your goal keeping so I think having a toolkit to help you is extra important. It could be anything at all that helps keep you accountable, like say a subscription box! If you have some goals you’ll be working on in the new year too they can really help keep you on track. Many send items to use while exercising, healthy snacks to keep you on track and wellness items to provide motivation and even a reward for all your hard work. Read on for a few of our favorite boxes that will help you stick to your goals!


This women’s workout apparel subscription is geared to those that practice yoga. They deliver a 3-piece outfit of designer yoga wear to complement your practice making it a convenient, comfortable and feel good experience. With each subscription you also gain access to the YogaClub community to help you find motivation, mindfulness and support to empower your active lifestyle.

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Miss Muscle Box

This fitness box is specifically curated for all the women and includes 7+ items monthly including apparel, healthy snacks, fitness accessories and custom workouts. It’s an all in one box that has everything you need to start a workout routine. They focus their content on being motivational and inspiring so your workout experience isn’t a drag.

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Many New Year’s resolutions are diet focused so if you’ve chosen to eat healthier by choosing a specific diet regimen then there’s definitely a subscription box for you. This one is for all those doing a Keto diet. It includes keto-friendly, low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-free snacks along with inspiration related to nutrition, fitness, mental wellness and community to help make eating Keto easy.

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This is a clothing subscription that delivers high-quality athletic wear & accessories monthly that are inspired by their values of fit, function and style. Each delivery includes a full outfit ready for the gym. They help you feel prepared to get your exercise on with workout wear that makes you feel good and look good too.


Revive Superfoods

This meal delivery service sends frozen superfood meals that are farm-frozen, pre-portioned, delicious and easy to prep making a whole food, healthy eating goal easy to maintain. Their smoothies, oat bowls, smoothie bowls and supermeal bowls save time and cut down on food waste along with making it easy to get in a nutritious and convenient meal.

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A great basis of health is ensuring you’re getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet. A great tool to maximize that is a multi-vitamin and that’s were Care/of comes in. They send premium vitamins that are personalized for your needs in convenient pre-portioned packets that are easy to remember to take.

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This is a virtual fitness membership that focuses on high-intensity, low-impact strength training. It’s unique in that along with the online classes they offer, they also have the option to purchase equipment kits to complement the classes that include exercise tools and the online membership too.


These are just a few of our health and fitness favorites that definitely make getting in shape fun and enjoyable. Let us know below if you have any New Year’s resolutions that could benefit from these boxes or if you have any other favorite fitness inspired boxes too! Happy New Year!

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