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Revive Superfoods is a frozen superfood subscription service that delivers farm frozen, ready-to-eat meals that are pre-portioned and delicious!
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Revive Superfoods is a frozen superfood subscription service that delivers farm frozen, ready-to-eat meals that are pre-portioned and delicious! We take care of everything, all you have to do is enjoy! Not only are we saving you valuable time to do the things you love, we’re also cutting down on food waste and ensuring you never have to compromise health for convenience. Let us take care of meal prep for you, we’ve got you covered!

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How It Works:

  1. Choose your plan – You can choose to receive, nine, twelve, or 24 cups each week or 24 cups once a month.
  2. Build Your Box – Select any of your favourite premium superfood cups, developed and balanced by our team of nutritionists and food scientists.
  3. Checkout and wait for your delivery –We’ll deliver your order (for free!) on the day of the week specified at checkout. Once you receive your smoothies, #justblend!

User Reviews

Average Rating: 1
  1. beckyj

    Not happy with theses guys.
    The smoothie are just ok. They refuse to let me use my store credit and having a hard time cancelling my account.

  2. sandy998

    So disappointed with this company. Quite a few of my deliveries have been late, a couple didn’t even arrive, and their customer service is horrible.


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How does a revive subscription work?

– Choose a weekly/monthly subscription – You can select 9, 12, or 24 cups for the weekly plan OR 12, 24 cups for the monthly plan.
– Build your box – This is the fun part! Select the superfood eats you like and simply add them to your box.
– Pick your delivery day – select the day you want your order and checkout.

Once you’ve subscribed, you have access to a calendar where you can skip or change your NEXT delivery date as long as it is before your scheduled billing date (this is detailed on your account page). Modifications to your plan cannot be made once an order has been billed.

How does your refund policy work?

We do not issue any refunds on processing orders that have been billed. It is important to keep track of when your next order will be billed to avoid any surprise charges.
– Once a charge has gone through, we cannot issue any refunds.
– We do not issue refunds based on taste preference.
– Rejecting a package from a shipping courier does not warrant a refund.

Can I pause/cancel my subscription?

Whether you’re going on vacation or living out of the office, we understand that everyone needs a little break from time to time. To put your plan on pause, please go to your Account and click Manage Plan > Plan Status > Pause Subscription. You can repeat this process to cancel your subscription. We will not send a delivery or bill you for any further orders during the time that you’ve put your plan on hold. Please ensure you pause/cancel your account prior to the scheduled billing date.
Pausing/cancelling your account after an order has been billed will not cancel nor refund that order.

When do you deliver?

You can choose to have your smoothies delivered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays based on your postal/zip code. No signature needed. No matter what your schedule looks like on the day of delivery, your package will be left at your door and remain frozen.

Where do you deliver?

We ship all across Canada and the US (with some exceptions to a few postal/zip codes)

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